Remembering Ed Carter on his birthday

April 3, 2014, is the 99th birthday of my old friend Ed Carter — J. Edwin Carter — author of Living is Forever and then an investor in Hampton Roads. Ed was a long-time friend of Bob Monroe, and whetted my interest in doing a Gateway even more than it was already. In 1995, Ed paid for me to do the Lifeline program with him because, he said, he thought we’d both get a lot out of it if we did it together. Typically generous of him. And, indeed, we did both get a lot out of it.



Here is a picture of a rather younger Frank DeMarco  with his friends Ed Carter and Richard Spees, taken by our dear friend Joyce Johnson-Jones during Lifeline, July 1995.

Ed moved on in December, 1996. Rich and I have remained friends for going on 20 years now.

Conversations July 1, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

6 AM. All right, I’m ready if you’re ready — or if you- all are ready. Papa, being that tomorrow is the anniversary of yourself-decided transition — and next year makes 50 years since then! — how about if you start?

There will be a time when 50 years as a space of time doesn’t impress you as it does now. Consider how your reaction is different now from even 20 years ago, and then try to see yourself over here for 50 years.

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What could be more delightful…?

…than somebody really getting it?

Babe in the Woods is being offered on Amazon and in other places by Doyle Whiteaker, a friend from one of the Monroe Institute-oriented email groups. He requested that a friend of his read it, and he sent me her review, which follows:

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Babe in the Woods

Getting there. Into the home stretch, now. In the past few weeks, I have written 105,000 words, and have only a dozen sections more to write.

This is by far the best writing I’ve done. Where Messenger was a pretty straightforward tale with only a few major characters, Babe in the Woods is intricate and far-ranging, with more than two dozen characters. It’s the fictionalized story of my Gateway at The Monroe Institute, the week that I often describe as the beginning of my conscious life. Continue reading Babe in the Woods