robert-clarke-standing-crop-200hRobert B. Clarke was born in Burslem (Stoke-on-Trent), England, in 1942. After a materially—and educationally—poor but spiritually-rich youth in central England, he became severely depressed and disillusioned, having lost the inner certainty of his childhood. Then Clarke stumbled onto the teachings of the great psychologist Carl Jung, and found the path to understanding he had sought. Led through the individuation process by some 30,000 dreams, he went on to become an independent scholar and mystic who delved deeply into the realms of philosophy, religion, and psychology, applying the insight he had acquired to illuminate the meaning beyond day-to-day life.

The record of his many years’ journey through the depths of the collective unconscious was published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company as The Four Gold Keys, in 2002. In 2005, Hampton Roads published An Order Outside Time: A Jungian View Of The Higher Self From Egypt To Christ.

Three additional manuscripts have been published posthumously by Hologram Books and are shown below.

Robert Clarke died in November, 2009, in Burslem, not far from his birthplace.