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This blog is about you, or rather us.

I was well into middle age before I discovered what I knew all along had to exist somewhere. Even when I was very young, I knew that human life as we commonly experience it is not right, is strangely not the real thing.

When I was 24 I happened upon a science fiction novel by Colin Wilson called The Mind Parasites that expressed perfectly what I was feeling: the mental and spiritual powers commonly unsuspected in our benighted society were our birthright, but had been somehow lost. It took more than 20 years before I found the key to recapturing them, but I did find it — or rather, I found them, for there are different doors for different types of people, and we each can enter only the ones for which we are fitted. But the important thing — the thing worth shouting from the rooftops — is that the doors, and the keys, exist!

Your life has meaning, and with sincere effort you can find that meaning. When you do you will realize that it is the pearl of great price: You will gladly sell all that you own to obtain it.

If I can do for you what Colin’s book did for me — if I can encourage you and point you in the right direction — I will be well pleased.

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  1. Frank DeMarco,

    This is well stated. The Mind Parasites changed my life and your writing has as well. You were an Egyptian Priest in a past life and I hope this blog touches billions of lives in an empowering way. Best of luck!!!

  2. Hi Frank,
    I tell people I am the least spiritual person they will ever meet, for our society has a tendency to associate spirituality with religion. I believe that the answers or understanding that we seek about who we are cannot be explained in a book, or a blog.:) Yet I continue to post on my website because people testify that it has helped point them in the right direction, and express gratitude for my efforts.

    Are there any real teachers, or are we all in the same classroom with different but equally valid points of view and levels of understanding? If we learn what love is, how to apply it to ourselves and those around us, have inner peace and confidence in who we are, what more can one ask for?

  3. Hi, excellent reading and links on the website.

    I was wondering if you knew about a practice of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints? It sounds very close to what could be described as soul retrival. One of the ordinances performed in the Temples is something called baptisms for the dead, where worthy members are baptised by proxy for their dead relatives as a way for these spirits to enter the Celestial Kingdom.

    Thought this may interest you.


  4. I have had most of the encounters you write about. I will enjoy reading more of yours. About real teachers – yes, they do exist – at several levels. The highest being- Teachers of Light. Each time you are given a new truth, you must learn and practice it before you go on to another truth. Teachers of light appear along the path. No advertising or big groups here, just the few who have traveled far. Joan

  5. Hey Frank,

    As you know, I’m a recent interloper to this site, so forgive me if this is a topic you’ve discussed previously. I’m wondering how familiar you are with “A Course in Miracles” and what your thoughts are on it.

    Reading your Hemingway dialogue reminded me of Helen Schucman’s claim to be channeling the consciousness of Jesus Christ. I’ve been reading ACM for about a year now and, while I don’t agree with everything in it, much of it appears to resonate truth.

    I was just wondering about your thoughts on it. … No need to post this to the blog.

  6. Hi Frank, long time no see. Remember me, from Monroe Institute back in 2001, I was the guy who wrote that Gateway Journal and posted it to the Voyagers mailing list. Lot of water under the bridge since then… drop me a line willya?

  7. Hi Don. It took me a while to notice that you had left a comment!

    Sure I remember you. If you would ever like to post something about your various TMI and other experiences, you’re more than welcome to do so. Let me know.

  8. Great site and set up. Looking forward to sharing. Loved the May 3 Rita conversation. All the strands are coming together so to speak.

  9. Dear Frank,

    I’m sorry we had such a brief being in touch and then not following up with each other. Since then I’ve been experiencing my first two troubling years of retirement that has included stuckness and lack of connection to my usual creative, intuitive wellsprings, and a kind of starting to die inside was beginning to happen. Then, was reading your Sphere and the Hologram and The Cosmic Internet and doing some praying of sorts. I even found myself rereading parts of my own Channeling book, looking for guidance and direction . Finally, some real movement and direction seems to be re-emerging, and I feel we may play a part in each other’s future. I look forward to reconnecting once more.

    1. That would be welcome. For whatever reason — i don’t think it’s a sense of entitlement, certainly not of superiority in any way — my pattern is to leave the initiative to others, when it comes to contact, but on the other hand I’m pretty much always receptive. You have my email, I suppose, but if not,

  10. Frank, Has TGU ever commented on psychopathy or sociopathic people? Would experiences related to these traits simply be the flower that is brought back, no matter how awful/sad it seems to be here? Are there humans who are not ensouled prior to their earth experience? Have you ever pondered these questions? I have met a number of sociopaths in my life. They are doctors, businessmen/women, coaches etc.

    1. Hi Colleen and Frank,

      Colleen, I too have pondered your questions, and I suspect the presence of such “psycho/sociopathic” behavior is a big reason why many persons I’ve encountered (directly, or indirectly, thru reading, Facebook, and the like) so eschew religion. Especially if “God told me to do it,” or “God is on OUR side,” are given as reasons for such behavior. I tend to steer clear of such arguments, owing to feeling I need to “protect myself” as I do my own exploring (just try mentioning: “Oh, yeah, I go out of body frequently at night,” and see how many give you the “watch out” warning–that “they’ll put you in a psych ward”, “that’s the sign of a weak mind”, “it’s the devil’s doing”, and such–I remain quite sane, I think (!), in spite of my “travels”, which are “nothing special” so far). It does make it a little tricky to admit to “consciousness/spiritual exploration” in certain situations (so I usually keep quiet about this, until I feel “safe” enough to share).

      As far as ensoulment, I’ve wondered/worried about that too (I’m rather a chronic worrier, and have been for most of my life), once the idea came up in a book by Nanci Danison, who is an NDE survivor, who was told (when “over on the other side”) that “soulless human animals” are a reality. I don’t quite “buy” everything she has to share, mainly the idea of us being “human animals merged w/ a Light Being (soul)”. She is a lovely person (Susan and I have met her in person, when she was giving talks in the Columbus, OH region), and has, I think, four books out now. One, called “Backwards Beliefs” is an account of what was “downloaded” to her, while “over there”, about the entire history of religion on Earth. Very interesting reading.

      My own feeling is that there are some persons, now incarnate (and thruout history) who have done a very good job of “forgetting where they came from”. Or, another way, put nicely and succinctly, by Bob Monroe, is that in our “addiction” to Human Life we become “layered over” by the excitement of Human-ness, and easily get “lost”. He outlines this, and a process for “moving beyond” the Human adventure in “Far Journeys”. And maybe not so much as “where we came from”, but the forgetting that “we never left”, which is what so resonates for me w/ the Frank/Rita material.

      Just a few thoughts which occur to me on this wintry day. With the, apparent, expression of more “large scale” sociopathic behavior of late, I feel the need to figure out what I can do in our local community to help “make things a little nicer” (and I personally feel that learning how to really live in community is going to be very important soon!) I’ve even thought of the idea of starting a local “commune”/co-op, where we share goods, services, and grow our own food. I know it’s an “old” idea, tried/failed in the 1960s, early ’70s, but I feel it’s “worth revisiting”.


      1. Craig ? Thank you.
        It is witty, I have also pondered about what Colleen telling here when it comes to sociopatic or psychopatic(narcissism in its many forms likewise) behaviour among peoples. What`s good in “the use” in- to develop the psychopatic/sociopatic, tendencies if I may ask?
        I am among the ones who is asking the same questions by no doubt. There must be countless levels of evolution within many forms everywhere. But is it “useful” ? Is it creative making wars ? I have come to be doubting “all is well” whatever we does.
        “As in Heaven so upon the Earth” is it told.
        Nothing happens before it is dreamt of in the unseen world. All of us who study the dream- world to know that as a fact or ? We do know about “conscious dreaming” by now more or less(laughing).
        When it comes to the agriculture and the care for the nature about us….without a doubt in us to learn cooperation both within ourselves and the nature. That`s something I am pretty sure about !
        B&B, Inger Lise

  11. Thank you for your comment. Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll, says that no matter how uncaring or “evil” a person seems to be all humans have souls and the essence of Divinity. Traits or characteristics that seem undesirable or bad are all part of a greater balance and are a choice. I put evil in quotes because it may be something that is defined differently,( as expressed in Rita’s World), in various cultures and contexts. The concept of evil is not the same to everyone. I could have said this better but there you have it.

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