[My continued gratitude to my good friend Rich Spees for making this page — and the entire blog — possible .  He and I have been friends ever since meeting at a program at The Monroe Institute in 1995. Scroll down for various interviews. They proceed from most recent back.]

Not an interview, but a 2,000 word essay by me for The Echo World, giving in a nutshell a way to overcome the obstacles that prevent some people from experiencing conscious access to guidance:



An interview with Michael Langevin in December, 2017, outside on a cold day!

Awakening from the 3D World – with Frank DeMarco



An interview with Aron O’Dowd, in Ireland, this Spring:

Frank DeMarco – Communication Beyond 3rd Dimension

A two-minute commercial for the weekend program at The Monroe Institute that Bob Holbrook and I will conduct in August, 2017.


February 2017 interview.  (I love the expression on Michael’s face in this visual!)


January 2017 — first filmed interview, 12 minutes.


Dealing with fear in a fear-filled world.  An interview with Michael Peter Langevin

December 2016


Post-election perspectives –


Talking to the Dead — October 2016


Trusting Guidance, January, 2016


Spirituality and Politics


Coast-to-Coast AM April 4, 2016


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Interview by Patty Ray Avalon in March, 2014, for her talk to TMI Professional Division


Dimensions: What is the Nature of Reality?


Good and Evil as perceived from the other side


X-Zone interview, early 2016