Remembering life on the New Land

You know how it is. You live somewhere and take some everyday things for granted until after you leave them.

I lived on the New Land near The Monroe Institute for 13 years, and have been gone three. I was living amidst great beauty.





Central Virginia IONS

Today (Saturday, June 18, 2011) I had the pleasure of speaking about “The Cosmic Internet” to about 40 people of the Central Virginia chapter of Institute of Noetic Sciences, in Richmond.

My friends Dave Garland and Linda Rogers accompanied me and staffed a table offering  my six books for sale, and in general offered  moral support. In fact, Dave drove, and also recorded the talk. (Then, following the talk, we drove them to The Monroe Institute to begin a residential program.)

As I say, it was a pleasure, because it is always a pleasure to speak about something you care deeply about, to an intelligent audience that also cares about such things.

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Conversations July 11, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

5 AM. Alone in the house, Michael having left sometime like 11 or so last night. So now, back into harness, after a very enjoyable interlude. How much is it worth, having friends? Can anything match it? All right guys, speaking of friends —

Waiting for a question, eh? I sort of thought you had stuff queued up.

Let’s talk about avatars, then, and missions, and possibilities.

Oh sure, let’s take off our clothes and dance in the public fountains, too.

At some point you have to jump or not jump. Is there a better time than now, with Michael scarcely out the door?

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Living By Another Calendar

When I posted an entry by my friend Karl Boyken on the benefits of decoupling from the “news” I got an email from another Monroe Institute  friend, Paul Blakey, whom I met at TMI back in 1995. Paul said, “I can certainly resonate with the blog topic. As a regular pond hopper (between Canada and the UK) it has always astonished me how the main stream media dominates the surface stream of collective consciousness. When we moved back to Canada from the UK in 1991 we decided then and there to not have a TV that could pick up broadcast media (we like to watch DVD’s, so we have a TV for that only). This led naturally to another experiment, which was to step outside of the collective time consensus of the Gregorian calendar – wow, if you think not watching TV changes you, you should try living by a different time system.” So, I invited him to write a piece about living by an alternate calendar. Here it is. 

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Please do not adjust your TV set

Remember the old announcement, “we are experiencing technical difficulties”?

I don’t mean to keep you hanging but I am having trouble posting my Remote Viewing sketches, and then the four target photos. There’s no point in posting the text without the illustrations, so we’ll just have to wait till I get it right. Sorry about that.

Remote Viewing. A first-hand experience (2)

My notes and sketches
I see that the scanned pages didn’t display. I will try to fix that and post them separately, as these notes won’t mean much if you can’t see the sketches. But I’ll leave this as it is and if I can get the pages uploaded correctly you will be able to compare.
I know you cannot read the written words on these pages. Don’t worry about it. Look at the sketches, and after each page I will type out what the words on the page were.
Armed only with these sketches and words, and this summary, the eight-Judge panel had to pick one photo of four printed in color on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Do you think you could have done it? You will get your chance when I upload Folder J.

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Remote Viewing. A first-hand experience (1)

Last year I participated in a six-day Remote Viewing program at The Monroe Institute. I wrote it up at the time for the blog I had just started. I will reprint the series of posts here, with this as the first installment.

An examination in four parts
The best way that I can think of to give you the flavor of the process of remote viewing is to examine in detail the remote viewing exercise I engaged in on Wednesday, March 21, 2007. (At other times in the day I served as monitor or as one of the panel of judges, as we all did.)

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