Remembering Ed Carter on his birthday

April 3, 2014, is the 99th birthday of my old friend Ed Carter — J. Edwin Carter — author of Living is Forever and then an investor in Hampton Roads. Ed was a long-time friend of Bob Monroe, and whetted my interest in doing a Gateway even more than it was already. In 1995, Ed paid for me to do the Lifeline program with him because, he said, he thought we’d both get a lot out of it if we did it together. Typically generous of him. And, indeed, we did both get a lot out of it.



Here is a picture of a rather younger Frank DeMarco  with his friends Ed Carter and Richard Spees, taken by our dear friend Joyce Johnson-Jones during Lifeline, July 1995.

Ed moved on in December, 1996. Rich and I have remained friends for going on 20 years now.

4 thoughts on “Remembering Ed Carter on his birthday

  1. Frank,

    Given that the imminent catastrophic Earth changes foreseen by both Bob and Ed have not (yet) taken place, what is your view of the reason for this?

    Do you think that they were merely a bit off in their timing? Or do you think that perhaps their own work contributed to an alteration of future events, or perhaps some sort of “time jump” in which those of us that have not experienced the great catastrophe have moved into some sort of alternate universe/probable future in which those events did not (at least not yet) take place? And, do you think they may still occur?

    1. I have been told that all possible futures (and presents, and pasts) exist, and it is a matter of which timeline we move to. We move by our choices, individual and, i suppose, collective. So if we didn’t go to the places Bob Monroe or Ed Carter or Edgar Cayce foresaw, that doesn’t mean they were somehow “wrong,” but that we took different paths. But of course, how would i know?

  2. When he was Chair of the Board of INCO in 1979, Ed Carter was responsible for the $5 million donation that enabled the building of a science centre in Sudbury, now called Science North. It is a wonderful legacy. I was the project director and remember him telling me of his interest in the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project founded and directed by Frank Drake. Sudbury is interesting because it is the site of a very large crater believed to have been produced by the impact of an asteroid. I wonder if the inspiration for the book and the vision of a science centre have roots in Ed Carter knowing Frank Drake. Does anyone know more about this possibility ?

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