Babe in the Woods

Getting there. Into the home stretch, now. In the past few weeks, I have written 105,000 words, and have only a dozen sections more to write.

This is by far the best writing I’ve done. Where Messenger was a pretty straightforward tale with only a few major characters, Babe in the Woods is intricate and far-ranging, with more than two dozen characters. It’s the fictionalized story of my Gateway at The Monroe Institute, the week that I often describe as the beginning of my conscious life.

That said, I should point out, there IS a difference between fiction and fact! While I work to keep it emotionally and intellectually and spiritually accurate, I change all manner of incidentals according to need. Nor is Angelo Chiari  the same person as Frank DeMarco, despite the many similarities I built in, as I did with his brother George in Messenger.

The interesting and satisfying thing to me is that I know the scenes, the people, the altered-state exercises, the visions, the limitations, the hesitations, the personal “stuff”, the interactions that come from more than one level of personality. All of it. And the more I visualize scenes and feel my way to the dialogue and various developments, the closer I find the analogy between writing and channeling. I don’t mean that “somebody else” is writing the book. I mean, in creative activity we draw upon other levels of awareness.

Soon enough, I should be finished, and when I am it will be a relief to have finished so big a job, and it will be a pang, to leave this very interesting place I have been living since before Thanksgiving.

I’ll keep you posted.

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