The Cosmic Internet now an ebook

Those of you who have been wondering how you were going to get by for another day without The Cosmic Internet as an ebook are in luck. It is now available for Kindle on Amazon, courtesy of a couple of my friends, which means it’s just a couple of clicks away. Bear in mind, it is published not by Hologram Books but by Rainbow Ridge books.

Rob McConnell’s “The X Zone” radio show

Just had a very enjoyable chat with Rob McConnell, pre-recording his  show “The X Zone,” which airs out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

I had a great time, and hopefully listeners will enjoy it as well, and perhaps learn something.

After 11 p.m. tonight, Wednesday, you can listen in by following this link:

Cosmic Internet feedback

You know those old recruiting posters, “Uncle Sam Needs YOU!”? Well, at the moment I need you more than he does.

Customer reviews on Amazon are important in helping people to decide if they want to take a chance on a book. So far, The Cosmic Internet has had only two reviews, and one of them in entirely negative. Not the way to sell books!

Please, if you liked the book, go to The Cosmic Internet page on Amazon and say that you liked it, and why. It’ll help.


Michael Langevin on The Cosmic Internet

The Cosmic Internet: Explanations from the other side is a book like no other I have read. It changed my life and my way of living in the world. From exploring the essence of human existence to redefining reality — it is all in this book. Frank DeMarco communicates with intelligences from the other side of the veil we call death, brings back amazing and unique information — and sets it down in a very clear very usable fashion. Displaying a unique ability to explain aspects of the cosmos which usually defy definition, he shows that any of us can step up to higher levels of consciousness. Have you always felt that existence had much more to offer you and that you want to expand your potential? This is the book to read.

Michael Peter Langevin, former publisher of “Magical Blend” magazine

Author of “Spiritual Business and “The Secrets of the Ancient Incas”

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Robert Bruce on The Cosmic Internet

“Frank DeMarco’s book, The Cosmic Internet, masterfully written from firsthand experience, asks the hard questions about life both here and in the hereafter. It provides thought-provoking insight into questions that have long needed addressing. I do not say this lightly, as this book made me pause and reflect deeply upon many things, answering questions I had not even thought about asking. The Cosmic Internet is quite possibly the most interesting book I have ever read.”
–Robert Bruce, author of Astral Dynamics —

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Watching the bounce

Ever since I appeared on Coast to Coast AM on June 1, I have been looking in at Amazon to see the size and duration of any boost in sales attributable to the show. I’m interested not only in The Cosmic Internet, but my earlier books, as well: The Sphere and the Hologram, Muddy Tracks, Babe in the Woods, and Messenger. (A sixth book, Chasing Smallwood, isn’t listed with Amazon.)

As you no doubt know, the lower the number, the better a book is selling. As I learned years ago when I was with Hampton Roads, though, the fact that a book falls even hundreds of thousands in the rankings doesn’t mean you sold more than a couple of books! Anyway, it’s sort of fascinating to watch. One thing, clearly, that one appearance gave a strong boost to my other books.



Michael Ventura on (the author of) The Cosmic Internet

”Frank DeMarco is an adventurer of the intellect and of the spirit. He challenges our definitions of reality with compassionate, down-to-earth writing. If this is mysticism, it’s a singularly practical mysticism.”

— Michael Ventura, author of The Zoo Where You’re Fed to God

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