Rob McConnell’s “The X Zone” radio show

Just had a very enjoyable chat with Rob McConnell, pre-recording his  show “The X Zone,” which airs out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

I had a great time, and hopefully listeners will enjoy it as well, and perhaps learn something.

After 11 p.m. tonight, Wednesday, you can listen in by following this link:

8 thoughts on “Rob McConnell’s “The X Zone” radio show

  1. Great interview, Frank. I enjoyed listening and learned a few things along the way, just as it should be. Hope lots of other folks do as well.

  2. I had never heard of you until this week when I received The Monroe Institute newsletter. So far I’ve listened to your guest appearances on 2 radio shows & got your book in the mail yesterday (Cosmic Internet).

    I have been trying to make sense of Gateway…stopped started…stopped and started. Now.. because you have shared your experiences with the world, I am more at ease and excited to continue on what seemed to be a more trivial journey, is now a much clearer quest.

    Not to say I don’t have more questions than answers now after having read a bit of your book so far.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, knowledge and positive journey with the world. I am enjoying the kick start in my brain you have influenced!!!

    1. Thanks. I appreciate it. My book Muddy Tracks is a close examination not only of my Gateway Voyage, but of Guidelines and Lifeline (twice) and much more besides. It might interest you.

      1. Thanks, Frank. I have Muddy Waters in hand and cannot wait to dive in. I will hopefully have more to share with you someday soon.


        1. That’s going to come as quite a shock to Mr. Waters, who has been dead for some time. But I suspect you mean Muddy Tracks, which won’t be nearly as surprising.


          1. Ah, but diving into Muddy Waters would likely be less of a shock than diving into Muddy Tracks, physically speaking. Though names notwithstanding, I’ll hold out for Muddy Tracks being deeper and more worthwhile. I found it so.

  3. It is quite astonishing what you say and I am really eager to read your books… But how can people learn to contact the non-physical if they do not have the possibility to go to the Monroe Institute.
    In my case I have been interested in that topic quite a while, I have bought gateway voyage on CD, have read the book from Robert Monroe and some other authors, but the contact may not happen and I am asking me, what am I doing wrong. I always hear from people going to the Monroe I., but for those who do not have the money, how can they experience? This is a very significant question, no one was able to answer me yet.

    Best wishes


    1. Well, you’re in the right place. In the past four years I’ve posted hundreds of entries on this subject. Poke around, asking your own internal guidance to point you to the most productive ones for you.
      Also, The Cosmic Internet talks about how to do it, and Muddy Tracks describes my first ten years of searching, which may provide some useful hints.

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