Michael Langevin on The Cosmic Internet

The Cosmic Internet: Explanations from the other side is a book like no other I have read. It changed my life and my way of living in the world. From exploring the essence of human existence to redefining reality — it is all in this book. Frank DeMarco communicates with intelligences from the other side of the veil we call death, brings back amazing and unique information — and sets it down in a very clear very usable fashion. Displaying a unique ability to explain aspects of the cosmos which usually defy definition, he shows that any of us can step up to higher levels of consciousness. Have you always felt that existence had much more to offer you and that you want to expand your potential? This is the book to read.

Michael Peter Langevin, former publisher of “Magical Blend” magazine

Author of “Spiritual Business and “The Secrets of the Ancient Incas”

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Conversations July 11, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

5 AM. Alone in the house, Michael having left sometime like 11 or so last night. So now, back into harness, after a very enjoyable interlude. How much is it worth, having friends? Can anything match it? All right guys, speaking of friends —

Waiting for a question, eh? I sort of thought you had stuff queued up.

Let’s talk about avatars, then, and missions, and possibilities.

Oh sure, let’s take off our clothes and dance in the public fountains, too.

At some point you have to jump or not jump. Is there a better time than now, with Michael scarcely out the door?

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Conversations July 10, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

5:45 AM. Okay, it has been since Tuesday morning, not so long, but I’m getting restless. What can we talk about this morning?

Obviously the topic is you and Michael and Jim Chastain and the work to be done.


Not everything you receive is to be widely shared at this point, just as not everything you experience is to be written down in plain English. But you and Michael should know a few things.

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Conversations June 29, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5:30 AM. “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child” running through my head.

A dream in which I and many others had gone — and paid — to hear — Carl Jung? Colin Wilson? — speak. I had spoken of it to dad and he was there — several of my family were there, I think. Jung, not Colin. He spoke briefly and then disappeared and the audience waited and realized he wasn’t coming back. I went after him, climbing up into the bleachers to try to see where he had gone. Went around back somewhere. Was told he had gone, and felt quite bitter about it — it wasn’t fair that he should arrive, speak a few sentences and leave. I said, I think, it was just what Colin did, or was Colin’s fault (meaning, for letting himself be over-scheduled).

Went out to find my car covered in snow needing to be dug out (like all the other cars, of course).

What was that all about, pray?

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Oregon 2005 (8)

11. Crater Lake

Tuesday Sept. 20, 2005. Michael Langevin and I arrive at Crater Lake at mid-morning, coming down the Rim Road that skirts the western edge of the crater. I pull in to the first turnout, anxious to connect with the energy of what I knew had to be one of the sacred places of the earth. The earth has no shortage of power spots, but you don’t everyday come across a place like this drowned volcano crater, so intimately connected with fire and water both. The rim road is far above the surface of the lake, and the lake surface extends four miles in one direction, six in another. Standing as close to the edge as I can, I look out and down, wanting to connect with it, not just gaze at it. I close my eyes and move my energy, feeling my connection to the earth – and am staggered by what seems almost a physical impact. The place has presence! I feel it, and feel instantly more alive, more joyous, as if someone had turned up my rheostat.

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