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You know those old recruiting posters, “Uncle Sam Needs YOU!”? Well, at the moment I need you more than he does.

Customer reviews on Amazon are important in helping people to decide if they want to take a chance on a book. So far, The Cosmic Internet has had only two reviews, and one of them in entirely negative. Not the way to sell books!

Please, if you liked the book, go to The Cosmic Internet page on Amazon and say that you liked it, and why. It’ll help.


3 thoughts on “Cosmic Internet feedback

  1. Wrote a comment last night. Haven’t checked to see if it’s been posted; might well need some editing.

    I mentioned Assagioli’s subpersonalities as being a precursor idea to the image given by TGU.

    Hope it’s helpful.

    On a related tack, if I can figure out how to describe it, I’ll write you a note about a “thread” that acted like a subpersonality. Quite unexpected outcome. Checked it out recently at F27 and got what might be a verification.

  2. I’ve now had several people leave comments, and though I don’t thank you individually, know that I do thank you in my heart. Some people will come to that site having no idea what the book is really about and if it’s worth anything, and informed appreciative comments may be the only basis they have (other than their own guys upstairs) to make up their mind.

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