Michael Langevin on The Cosmic Internet

The Cosmic Internet: Explanations from the other side is a book like no other I have read. It changed my life and my way of living in the world. From exploring the essence of human existence to redefining reality — it is all in this book. Frank DeMarco communicates with intelligences from the other side of the veil we call death, brings back amazing and unique information — and sets it down in a very clear very usable fashion. Displaying a unique ability to explain aspects of the cosmos which usually defy definition, he shows that any of us can step up to higher levels of consciousness. Have you always felt that existence had much more to offer you and that you want to expand your potential? This is the book to read.

Michael Peter Langevin, former publisher of “Magical Blend” magazine

Author of “Spiritual Business and “The Secrets of the Ancient Incas”

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