The Art Of Jumping Time Lines

For 20 years, my friend Paul Blakey has been measuring his life according to the Dreamspell calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar, with, he says, life-changing effects. After I sent around a Hathor message, Paul wrote, “I’ve been tracking Tom Kenyon for some time, and listening to his music which I find most evocative, so when your alert regarding the latest Hathor message came through I was inspired to write a commentary of sorts. This is very much a first draft, but I thought you might like to have a look.” I asked if I could post it to my website, and he agreed, so here it is. I think you will find it very interesting.

(I particularly thought this a brilliant insight: “Rather than a select group of elites out to control the world, there is a vast army of sleepers protecting the status quo.”)

The Art Of Jumping Time Lines

By Paul Blakey

In relation to the channeled message by Tom Kenyon via The Hathors, I would like to add the following thoughts …

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2012 – the fantasy

Given the interest readers showed in Paul Blakey’s post on how he uses the Mayan calendar in his daily life, I thought it worthwhile to post this comment on the movie 2012. Dr. Carl Johan Calleman is author of several serious books about the Mayan Calendar, among them The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, a study of the processes measured by the Mayan sacred calendar. Naturally, he takes a dim view of the latest cynical Hollywood fantasy  exploiting a theme it knows nothing about and cares nothing about. (So what else is new?) This blog entry appeared in The Mayan Calendar Portal

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Living By Another Calendar

When I posted an entry by my friend Karl Boyken on the benefits of decoupling from the “news” I got an email from another Monroe Institute  friend, Paul Blakey, whom I met at TMI back in 1995. Paul said, “I can certainly resonate with the blog topic. As a regular pond hopper (between Canada and the UK) it has always astonished me how the main stream media dominates the surface stream of collective consciousness. When we moved back to Canada from the UK in 1991 we decided then and there to not have a TV that could pick up broadcast media (we like to watch DVD’s, so we have a TV for that only). This led naturally to another experiment, which was to step outside of the collective time consensus of the Gregorian calendar – wow, if you think not watching TV changes you, you should try living by a different time system.” So, I invited him to write a piece about living by an alternate calendar. Here it is. 

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