The Art Of Jumping Time Lines

For 20 years, my friend Paul Blakey has been measuring his life according to the Dreamspell calendar rather than the Gregorian calendar, with, he says, life-changing effects. After I sent around a Hathor message, Paul wrote, “I’ve been tracking Tom Kenyon for some time, and listening to his music which I find most evocative, so when your alert regarding the latest Hathor message came through I was inspired to write a commentary of sorts. This is very much a first draft, but I thought you might like to have a look.” I asked if I could post it to my website, and he agreed, so here it is. I think you will find it very interesting.

(I particularly thought this a brilliant insight: “Rather than a select group of elites out to control the world, there is a vast army of sleepers protecting the status quo.”)

The Art Of Jumping Time Lines

By Paul Blakey

In relation to the channeled message by Tom Kenyon via The Hathors, I would like to add the following thoughts …

Time nodes, as I understand them, are mathematical. That is to say, the oscillation effects are harmonics and ratios. To further clarify, I will expand on certain concepts in the Hathor message.

“Strong timelines can also literally affect the possibilities and/or probabilities of other timelines within a time node.”

Definition of a “strong timeline”: a time sense that has a powerful repetitive beat. The September 11 timeline is just such a one. A perfect example of a chaotic node that has linked to it a variety of consciousness attractors. It contains a strong fear factor that has been used to initiate a world control system based on fear of the unknown terrorist. It also contains a strong truther factor that has gathered an enormous quantity of minds under the banner of truth questers. The beat comes once a year, modulated by the evolution of the time wave as it matures.

To get a sense of how this chaotic node affects you, observe the direction your thoughts move when you think about it. If you move into fear and your vibrational rate sinks (you feel tired) then you are connected to the unknown terrorist fear wave. If you feel angry, frustrated and powerless then you may be tied in to the conspiracy of elites against the rest of us time wave. There are of course, billions of possibilities I am merely stating the obvious.

The gulf oil disaster is another chaotic node, as was the death of Michael Jackson. Think about how those events made you feel.

“These are evolutionary jumpstarts that hold tremendous potential for accelerated evolution if you understand how to utilize them.” [Italics added].

Imagine you are walking along the street minding your own business, intent on getting to a particular place at a particular time when suddenly something causes you to stop abruptly. This could be someone bumping into you, or something you see (a car crash) or something you hear (a scream or an explosion). This is a  personal evolutionary jumpstart. At this moment your timeline has been intersected by another, causing you to momentarily lose connection with the course you had set earlier in the day. If you have enough energy and are a little bit awake, this moment has the potential to accelerate your evolution.

If you are lacking energy and sleep walking, you may view the event as nothing more than an unwelcome intrusion to your pre-planned course and do nothing more than struggle to regain your equilibrium in relation to your already set path.

Understanding how to utilize an evolutionary jumpstart depends on the amount of energy you have, or the amount you are able to remain conscious in the face of an increased surge. It’s like an electric shock – too high for your system and you become unconscious. The trick then is to develop the ability to remain conscious at higher and higher power. What intensity of feeling can you cope with?

Think of a doctor working in emergency, faced with traumas daily that would make most people faint. The ability to cope comes from the doctor’s training. The ability to cope with evolutionary jumpstarts is also trainable.

“There are vested interests in your society who wish you to remain hypnotized …”

“Vested interest” sounds nasty and conspiratorial, but the reality is far worse. Having a vested interest in something means that you are an upholder of a certain timeline, without necessarily being aware that you are an upholder. Take for example, the Gregorian calendar and the day you were born. Everybody on the planet that is an upholder of the Gregorian calendar has a birthday defined by the counting of that device. The first chaotic node that you experience is the day of your birth, and the timeline that you enter is combined with the timelines of your parents.

So in that you define your beginning by the Gregorian date you have a vested interest in maintaining the Gregorian calendar. Right now, track the way you feel when I say that in order to fundamentally alter the timeline you entered on your day or birth that you need to reject the Gregorian calendar. What thoughts arose? Did you feel angry? Did you go blank? What was your reaction?

Rather than a select group of elites out to control the world, there is a vast army of sleepers protecting the status quo.

“But you have, within your nature, the ability to change timelines and probabilities at the last moment of any event …”

Remember the person walking along the street and the abrupt stop? No matter what direction you are headed there is always an opportunity to change direction. It depends on whether you are awake at the moment the opportunity arises.

“For this endeavor, you already possess two of the greatest treasures in your very own nature – your sovereign will (to make choices) and your capacity to feel.”

I would add: the ability to make choices is dependent upon the amount of clarity and understanding you have that you do indeed have sovereign will. If this point is compromised by too many limiting codicils you become a land-locked sovereign, unable to exert your sovereign will. And your ability to feel is diminished by the amount you have been deadened by low vibrational states (fear, anxiety, worry, ill health, physical exhaustion).

“The Fundamental Principle”

“1) You identify the timeline you wish to move into.”

Imagine that you are riding an ocean wave, surfing if you will and you see in the distance that this wave is going to take you into the barnacle encrusted pier at a high rate of speed. Of the many waves that you see around you, which wave would take you to safety? How do you make this decision while you are being carried inexorably to your doom?

Easy, the first thing to do is bail from the wave you are on now. Get off and let it continue on without you.

So really principle #1 should be: Get off the wave you are presently riding.

“2) You shift your vibrational state to match the timeline.”

You paddle out into the deep ocean where the swells are less intense and you wait and watch to see the waves build. When you see a wave that you think might take you to where you want to go you start paddling so that you can match its speed and amplitude at just the right moment.

“3) You lock in the vibrational state so it does not waiver.”

Your board catches the wave and you get to your feet so as to better control the movements of the board and your position on it.

“4) You take an action that is an expression of the new timeline.”

You are riding the wave.

“5) Persevere.”

If you fall off or get wiped out, get back on your board, paddle out into the deep ocean and start all over again.

I think the above explains the reality of changing timelines a bit better than the original. After all, if you are immersed in the action of a particular time wave you are not really in a position to choose the wave you are going to jump to. You have to get off the wave first, then re-set your intent (I want to end up on the sandy beach and not the barnacled pier posts). This may involve choosing a new starting point at a different angle, or paddling further out into the deep ocean to find just the right wave. You can’t stay on the wave and jump from there. That’s the whole point of a chaotic node – wipeout! Everybody off the wave.

“The ascension process, from our perspective, involves the energizing of your second body, your KA.”

This is simpler than you might think, in fact it is so simple that most people miss it.

“… unfortunately many of them [spiritual traditions] are also riddled with dogma, taboos, and quite honestly, interference patterns from thought-forms placed by those who did not and do not desire your freedom [or their own] but who profit by your imprisonment.”

The key is to take what works in the way of spiritual techniques and discard the rest. When I was much younger (early twenties) I had a very positive experience with Vipassana meditation. The mind training of Vipassana (following the breath) enabled me to enter a space of complete mental silence that completely altered my relationship with thought. The container of the Vipassana technique is Buddhism and the companionship of other meditators is encouraged, but once I had had the experience of true knowing I knew that the rituals were of no further use.

Similarly when I learned qi gong exercises I had to at first take on certain aspects of Chinese culture (because my teacher was Chinese), but once I had incorporated the movements into my daily life I no longer needed to be a member of the qi gong organization.

Much energy is lost and essential techniques are diluted by an over reliance on the cultural container for any valid technique for raising energy and developing the KA.

So how can you tell what is increasing your energy and what is not? IT’S HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL. It’s your body. Pay attention! You’ve already got the perfect device for assessing your progress. And this has nothing to do with having a ‘perfect’ body, it has to do with deeper, more powerful states of consciousness that create surges of creative inspiration.

“One of the first tasks facing you if you are to jump into a different timeline is the transcendence of fear.”

If you are feeling uneasy about your life, nervous about the a world that seems to be completely outside of your control but you are unwilling or unsure how to get off the present timeline and onto a new one, then you are trapped by fear. A feeling of insecurity is natural, nervousness is natural – those are the sensations of fear. Remember a book published some years ago – Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – that’s what it is all about. If the ship is sinking you won’t do yourself a favour by clinging to the railing.

And … fear makes you tired and stops your brain from working.

“If consciousness is locked into fear, it becomes imprisoned by the lower centers, the impulse for survival, sex and power.”

Here’s a chaotic node moment … if you have been toying with the idea of changing timelines, where is the energy for the change located? Survival? Are you obsessed with disaster? Is your attention drawn to the news as portrayed by the main stream media? Are you a ‘conspiracy theorist’? If so, you are operating from the lowest level of possibility.

Sex? Do you lust for physical sensation? Do you have a need to control. Do you fear that you will lose control? Are you a law and order sort of person? Do you fear the legalization of marijuana? If so, you are operating from the second level.

Power? Do you define yourself by that which you own, or that which you have power over? Do you seek positions of authority, or follow in the footsteps of a powerful person or ideology? If so, you are operating from the third level.

The viewpoint from levels one through three is limited. Locked in by fear.

“But let us say that you have the courage and fortitude to undertake such a passage (through the Valley of Fear) …”

At this point in the Hathor’s message there is a revisitation of the instructions on how to jump timelines, and while the information is useful, it is rather generalized. This is due, I feel, to the effect a time wave that Kenyon, as channel, has not yet identified as influencing his perception.

The Gregorian calendar.

A timing device made of uneven months and filled with subliminal messages based on the concept ‘time is money.’ A device virtually custom made to keep the world locked collectively into the first three levels of fear based experience; survival, sex and power. Survival – 2012! Sex – how about a birthday present big boy? Power – the five day work week and two weeks holiday per year, wage slavery for all.

Since my path in life has always seemed to teeter along the edge of the main stream, including such experiences as Vipassana and the hemi-sync technology of the Monroe Institute I guess I was a little more prepared than most when my own personal chaotic node exploded in 1989. This resulted in a change of job and a move to a different country. At the time I remember telling people that I was going through a metamorphosis and that I wasn’t sure what was gong to come out the other end.

This also led me to The Monroe Institute in 1992 and from there to the discovery of the Dreamspell calendar. Talk about jumping timelines!

I was in the position of the surfer who has bailed, or who has been dumped by a powerful wave that he could not stay on top of. Paddling in the trough, I could see the wave that left me receding into the distance and a new wave appearing on the horizon that seemed to have a great deal of potential. There was something about it that called to me and gave strength to my aching muscles.

“One of the timelines you and humanity are living in at this moment is a fulfilling of the prophecies of doom and planetary destruction. You are at a convergence point, a time node, where it is possible to jump from the doomsday probabilities into a new type of Earth and order of existence.

This timeline, which we call the New Earth, is a very different dimension of experience than your current reality.”

In my opinion, the New Earth, as described by the Hathors is one and the same as the Rainbow Bridge concept of the Dreamspell calendar. The only difference is that the Dreamspell calendar timing frequencies already exist in concrete form.

Timing frequencies?

Let’s go back to the surfer. Imagine that he is a very special surfer, trained to read the ocean waves and currents with an enhanced nervous system and a mind trained in advanced pattern recognition so that he can move his consciousness through all seven levels of awareness as simply as you change channels on your TV.

Let’s say that he knows that today is Yellow Resonant Seed, which is the power of flowering combined with the resonant tone of attunement. He also notes that this is the time of the new moon and the 16th day of the first, or magnetic moon of purpose. Since he has experienced the power of flowering many times and in many different permutations he knows that this power is located in the root chakra – survival – amplified by the Seli radial plasma which is also located in the root chakra. In addition there is the entire pattern of the galactic signature which in this case has Seed in the centre, Warrior above as higher guidance, Earth below as hidden helper, Wizard to the left as antipode and Eagle to the right as supporting power.

That’s quite a lot of different ratios and harmonics to be aware of, and that’s just for starters.

Did you say this is a calendar?

More correctly the Dreamspell is a synchronometer. An alternate timeline designed to keep you awake and out of the time wave of doom.

“Finally – let the Earth speak to you.”

Even if you know nothing of the Dreamspell, you can still place your intent in the direction of freedom by doing the following meditation, which will help you to accumulate enough energy to develop escape velocity (as Bob Monroe used to say).

Rainbow Bridge Meditation

Visualize yourself inside the Earth’s octahedral crystal core (with two red sides and two white sides on top, and two blue and yellow sides below). In the centre of this core is an intensely blazing point of white light. An etheric column extends north and south from the blazing centre to the tips of the octahedron.

Coiled around the etheric axis like two strands of DNA, are the red and blue flux tubes. In the crystal core are four time atoms. A red time atom is strung on the northern axis, and a blue one on the southern. The gravitational plane of the octahedron emanates horizontally from the centre point. Along this plane are two more time atoms, a white and a yellow one, which turn like paddle wheelers, making a counterclockwise motion around the centre.

Now visualize that from the centre of the crystal a great stream of multicoloured plasma-filled light flows along the axis toward both of Earth’s poles, shooting out from them to become two rainbow bands 180 degrees apart. As Earth revolves on its axis, this rainbow bridge remains steady and constant, unmoving.

Next take the whole vision of the rainbow bridge around the Earth and place it in your heart. Imagine the two streams of the rainbow light rushing through your central column, shooting out from above your head and beneath your feet to create a rainbow bridge around your body. Now you and the rainbow bridge are one. The rainbow bridge of world peace is real. Visualized by enough people in a telepathic wave of love, the rainbow bridge will become a reality.

6 thoughts on “The Art Of Jumping Time Lines

  1. Thank you for this discussion. I was taken by the timeline jumping article. I also visualized something similar to your “surfing” analogy. I have never heard of the Dreamspell calendar…..looking forward to discovering what it is.

  2. Thank you for the insight, it was brilliant.

    I have some questions about the text:
    1. “These are evolutionary jumpstarts that hold tremendous potential for accelerated evolution if you understand how to utilize them.”
    How can I utilize them?

    2.”This is a  personal evolutionary jumpstart. If you have enough energy and are a little bit awake, this moment has the potential to accelerate your evolution.”
    How can I proceed further?

    I am awake and I am practicing Dimensional Jumping consciously for a while. I’ve found very interesting the above statements and I intent to apply them as soon as I have a complete understanding.
    Could you please help me with the answers?

  3. Thank you and VERY INTERESTING as it is.

    I have read a book a while ago, by the author, Nancy L. Danison. The book is titled “Backwards” – Returning to Our Source for Answers.

    She is telling about her oan NDE`s, and her story to go like this: ” ….If you keep going to the light, and I hate to use the word “I” again, but I went all the way to the Godhead. Boy, that`s not even the right words, but anyway, I went to the place where I no longer exist as a separate entity. It`s like a drop in the ocean. You are totally dissolved. There is no separate consciousness. There is a vastness, and you are dissolved in whatever words we use for the Godhead.”

    Nanci L. Danison also told: “We are, after all, just bits of Source Energy serving as extensions of its self-awareness. Eventually Source Energy will all work its way backwards to recombine with the whole” … (taken from the chapter titled: Where is Heaven?)

    According to Seths … it is in the Moment Point(without any “distance”), and therefore no timelines or dimensions – neither “backwards or forwards.” We are dreaming the whole world(including the whole about Cosmos, and whatever exists). Fantastic indeed.

  4. Wow – chasing the comments really digs up gems! Very useful clarification of Hathor message. Thank you Krina and Inger Lise for bumping this up!

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