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When I posted an entry by my friend Karl Boyken on the benefits of decoupling from the “news” I got an email from another Monroe Institute  friend, Paul Blakey, whom I met at TMI back in 1995. Paul said, “I can certainly resonate with the blog topic. As a regular pond hopper (between Canada and the UK) it has always astonished me how the main stream media dominates the surface stream of collective consciousness. When we moved back to Canada from the UK in 1991 we decided then and there to not have a TV that could pick up broadcast media (we like to watch DVD’s, so we have a TV for that only). This led naturally to another experiment, which was to step outside of the collective time consensus of the Gregorian calendar – wow, if you think not watching TV changes you, you should try living by a different time system.” So, I invited him to write a piece about living by an alternate calendar. Here it is. 

by W. Paul Blakey

 I blame Bob Monroe.

In February of 1992, at the beginning of my first Gateway at the Monroe Institute, a box was passed around and everyone was asked to deposit their watches for the duration of the course. The rationale for this was to help everyone step out of normal time so as to be open to experiencing reality in a different manner. In Bob’s terms, to go from the known to the unknown.

The combination of no-time and numerous hemi-sync tape exercises throughout the week did indeed propel me into a state of consciousness that was unlike anything I had ever experienced. At one point I found myself in an out-of-body state looking at a book filled with strangely evocative diagrams. I didn’t know why the book was important but some part of me did and I duly recorded it in my diary.

By the end of the week I had become almost completely telepathic, with a precognitive ability – as if my sense of the present, instead of being momentary and the size of a pea, was now about an hour long and as big as a football field – as if my sense of now had sped up in relation to everything else. If you’ve see the Matrix movies, it was like when the bullets move very slowly, so that Neo can dodge them with ease. That was me, except instead of dodging bullets, I was body surfing the human condition.

I could go on with loads of stuff that happened but I want to get to the point of Frank’s request – to explain why I decided to remove myself from the collective trance maintained by the Gregorian calendar.

Most people who have experienced the Gateway course find re-entry into “normal life” rough. In fact, a considerable amount of time was given to preparing people for going back to normal waking life after leaving the institute.

I was powerless to prevent my telepathic ability and extreme time sense from dribbling away beneath the onslaught of the collective trance that we call normal life.

All was not lost however, because within a month someone gave me a book called Earth Ascending. It was the book I had seen in my vision at the Monroe Institute and I could not stop studying it. It might as well have been written in Chinese for what I understood but something about the graphs and illustrations had me absolutely fascinated. I made notes, drew diagrams, tried to figure out the curious logic. It was so foreign. And yet … and yet, it was like being back in that extended time space. Arguelles knew something that I had known, he knew something about time … 

One night, after having spent three days creating a large picture of black and white diagrams related to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, I had a vivid dream. In the dream three events took place; an elephant in the sky, people moving boxes on a stage and something to do with fortune telling. The next day, on my way to a local summer festival I looked up in the sky where I saw a kite shaped like an elephant. When I got to the park I sat and watched people moving speakers and musical equipment for the band that was to play later in the day. And a friend for whom I had done a tarot reading came over to say how accurate the reading had been.

At that point time stretched, and I was sitting in the park in the present moment – I was aware of myself dreaming the event from the past – and I was in the future – simultaneously. It was all happening at once and I was clearly aware of myself in all three locations. It was July 26, 1992.

A week later I came across another book by Arguelles, titled The Transformative Vision, written in 1975. This book, the 1991 version, included a new introduction, and halfway down the second page was written, “Fully entrained in the galactic beam, on July 26, 1992, Earth’s portals will open so that the human race can enter the new time, Earth time.”

That got my attention.

It took me three years to track down Arguelles, by which time he had created Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013. This is a description of time designed like a board game, an experiential process that takes you into an altered state of consciousness.

In early 1995 I returned to the Monroe Institute to do its Lifeline course, partly because I had been told back in 1992 by the “Organizers” that Bob would not be staying much longer; that once he had tidied his affairs he would be leaving the earth plane. (The “Organizers” was a term Bob used to describe the combined over-lighting energy beings that helped the Monroe Institute to function on the inner planes. My impression was a combination Tibetan/Sufi being of considerable power, about 50 feet tall who seemed quite pleased that I would make the effort to communicate with him/her.) The information turned out to be true. Bob made the transition a month later.

After Lifeline, re-entry was easier but still something of a problem. I knew that the problem had to do with the collective trance, the consciousness of the mass of humanity that is walking asleep– the dream (or nightmare) of television, radio, mass media and so on. We hadn’t had a TV since moving back to Canada from England in 1991, and certainly this helped somewhat, but it didn’t seem to reach the core somehow.

I got the Dreamspell game after I returned from the institute, and then I discovered the 13 Moon calendar, which is the core of the Dreamspell teaching. Change the calendar, change your mind. I thought, what the heck, it looked a lot more fun than the Gregorian mish-mash, so what could I lose? (The Gregorian calendar is a mess. The months are 30 or 31 days, with one of 28 or 29 days thrown in for good measure. Without realizing it, we have been tracking the passage of world-spins and solar orbits using a device that is basically uneven, like using a ruler with uneven segments. What sort of building could you make with a crooked ruler?) All I had to do was make myself a few copies of the new calendar (cross-referenced with the Gregorian, so that I could keep in sync with the normal world where necessary) and see what effect it would have.

 Naturally I tried to talk all my friends into changing the calendar, and managed to get enough people interested that a small study group was formed. We would meet every 13 days on what is called the crystal day of every wave spell. What became instantly apparent was how hard-wired I was to the Gregorian calendar. It was as if September 26 (my birthday) had more validity, more substance than Electric Moon 7. Gregorian = real; 13 Moon = fake. If you think about that seriously, you will understand how deeply the Gregorian calendar is buried – somewhere around the time you begin to learn to read and write.

And the reaction of people to the idea of changing the calendar? Denial. Anger. Ridicule. Argument.

That made me realize I was onto something. Arguelles had found the holy grail of collective consciousness. The Gregorian calendar, used around the world as the calendar of business, is the chronometer of work. Time is money. The 13 Moon calendar would be better expressed as Time is Art, reflective of the work of nature in time.

Here’s a sense of the difference between the Gregorian calendar and the 13 Moon Dreamspell: 

Gregorian = Wednesday, November 18, 2009. 

13 Moon Dreamspell = Overtone Peacock Moon 4, Blue Lunar Storm. The second day of the Mirror wavespell and the fifth moon since the new years day of the Yellow Self-Existing Seed year. This day is also associated with my left little toe and the area of the world between Australia and the South Pole. The fifth tone moon reminds me of my left elbow and the Kali plasma connects me to my second chakra. These are just a few of the correspondences of this day.

You might think, why bother? But the point is, as a reflection of the depth of multi-dimensional reality, the 13 Moon calendar lights up your mind with a cornucopia of possibility each and every day. The various aspects of the solar cycle and lunar cycle only match up once every 52 years, so every day is subtly different and yet it is maintained on a perfectly regular 28 day moon template that makes every week day the same number (for example; there are 13 Friday the 13ths during the year.)

The 13 Moon calendar is made up of 13 twenty-eight day moons, each with totem animal and a creative inner force attribution.

1 Magnetic Bat.

2 Lunar Scorpion.

3 Electric Deer.

4 Self-Existing Owl.

5 Overtone Peacock.

6 Rhythmic Lizard.

7 Resonant Monkey.

8 Galactic Hawk.

9 Solar Jaguar.

10 Planetary Dog.

11 Spectral Serpent.

12 Crystal Rabbit.

13. Cosmic Turtle.

The 365th day of each year is called the Day Out Of Time and is no day at all. In a leap year there are two days out of time. (To find out more go to:

Okay, now 14 years have passed and I have been using the 13 Moon calendar all this time. What has changed? It has enabled me to reach what Bob Monroe used to call ‘escape velocity’ that enables me to go beyond the M-band of mental noise that surrounds the planet and is amplified by the technosphere. It’s like I took my watch off and never put it back on again.

Does that also mean that I have become a moon-bunny, totally disconnected from consensus reality? No, it simply means that consensus reality is now contained within the greater reality that I prefer.  Makes life way more fun and enhances my creative abilities in the same way that spending time at the Monroe Institute does. For me, the whole world is my workshop and every day is an opportunity to discover something new.

7 thoughts on “Living By Another Calendar

  1. Fascinating! Absolutely fascinating! Frank, you are on the leading edge and one of your outstanding characteristics, besides your writing and editing skills, is connecting people to other people and ideas. You project an energy of “have you seen this?” and “have you noticed that?”. Each time you push the edge of reality a little further, not too far that someone will fall off, but far enough to make him/her question what is real. Thank you!

  2. I greatly admire people like your friend who do not “adjust” but rather choose to go their own way, and are able to maintain that immediate connection to There within the parameters of everyday life Here. For me, the ongoing–and seemingly ever-increasing–pressures of time and calendar are some of the most annoying and exhausting facets of the collective trance. I’m happy on the slow boat while everyone else is chomping at the bit in the fast lane. The gears just don’t mesh.

  3. Thank you for this Frank ~ I have been feeling that I’m more resonating with ‘kairos’ time than tic-toc time for some time now 🙂 … I feel the clock as we’ve been trained to use it is, well, winding down as life itself becomes more about alignment, flow, synchronicity, and “everything is here, all time is now”…

    An all-new time is filtering in, and Arguelles has had his finger on this pulse way out ahead of time! I’d like to get that Dreamspell game and fiddle with it… “Galactic Hawk,” love it!

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