The Sphere and the Hologram

The Sphere And The Hologram – Here at Last

   It has been a long time coming.

   Rita Warren and I began our series of sessions with the guys upstairs in August, 2001. Twenty-two sessions later, we knew we had something of importance.

   I took a month off, in the summer of 2002, specifically to turn these sessions into a book. For one reason and another, that didn’t happen. In March, 2008, Rita made her transition at the age of 88. Perhaps that finally spurred me into action. Four edits later, here are the transcripts. The books arrived at my door this afternoon.

   You will notice that The Sphere And The Hologram is subtitled “Explanations From The Other Side.” There’s a reason for that. For two decades, Rita had asked channelers and others in altered states questions about the nature of the universe and the afterlife. She had never been able to get satisfactory answers. But for some reason she and I, working together, got answers that were not only plausible, but life-changing.

   Now, about that title. I took it from something the guys said, several months into our sessions. They were explaining that the hologram and the sphere were two analogies we might find useful. In their words:

   “If you see yourselves as holographically part of the entirety of the universe, this doesn’t mean that you’re a tiny part of something huge, it means you’re an integral part of the whole thing, and size is not relevant. It’s just really not relevant. And the sphere, again, is only used as an analogy of completion, of totality. It doesn’t mean that reality is literally a sphere.”

     – from Session 18, January 11, 2002

   I don’t know an easier way to give you a sense of the material contained in these sessions than to print the Table Of Contents. Some may find this material irrelevant. Others may find it life-changing, indeed life-enhancing, perhaps even life-saving.



 The Sessions

Session One: August 8, 2001

The Gentlemen Upstairs – Individuals or a Group? • TGU’s Work • TGU and We Co-Exist • Blurring Distinctions • The Concept of Levels • The Next Step • The Nature of Individuals • The Merit of This Work

Session Two: August 21, 2001

TGU’s Mission • TGU and Frank • Planning a Lifetime • Variety of Lifetimes • Wholeness • A Difference in Voice • Good Questions Get Good Answers

Session Three: August 28, 2001

Gender Polarity among TGU • Free Will and Conscience • Higher and Lower Impulses • The Mind • How TGU See the World • Different Perspectives • Emotions • Helping Others • Life’s Goals • Scripting • TGU’s Purpose

Session Four: September 4, 2001

Filters • Other Energy Systems • Control over Health • Problems and Opportunities • Life As Choice • Mental Health • How to Make a Better World • Healing • Separation and Oneness • Barriers between People

Session Five: September 11, 2001

Holding One’s Center • The Manner of Death • Preferences in the Manner of Death • Span of Consciousness • Individuals: A Convenient Fiction • Affinities • The Effect of the 9/11 Event • Rubber Glove Analogy • Rita’s Balloon Analogy • Interest Is in the Moment • Rules

Session Six: September 18, 2001

Polarity • Moral Relativity • Values and Conflict • How TGU Experience Emotion • Prayer As a Phenomenon • A Symbol of Togetherness • The Current Crisis • TGU’s Awareness and Manipulation • Time, There • Is It All an Illusion? • Appearance and Reality • Suspicious Footprints

Session Seven: September 25, 2001

How TGU Access Knowledge • The Record and the Needle • The Matrix and the Individual • Secret Schools • When Things Seem Stagnant • Countless Realities • Stretching Consciousness • TGU and Guidance • A Future Life on Mars • Vengeance • Valuable Process

Session Eight: October 2, 2001

The Meaning of Disasters • Evolution and Creation • Changing Humans • Frank’s Struggle with Health • The Value of Struggles • Living in the Now • Personality and Affinity • Between Lives • The Uses of Physical Matter • Shifting Consciousness • Focus of Consciousness • An Exercise • TGU and Using a Body • Alternate Realities

Session Nine: October 9, 2001

Channeling • Definitions of Consciousness • Intelligence Inherent in Universe • Group Minds and Animal Minds • Messages from the Other Side • Looking at Seth • Crop Circles • ETs? • Exercises for Spiritual Advancement • Finding the Best Way to Spiritual Advancement • How to Best Use TGU

Session Ten: October 16 , 2001

Performance Anxiety and Access • Angels and Guides • Earth Changes • A Hard Winter? • Suffering and Choice • Locale III and Focus 23 • The Monroe System: An Exploration Just Beginning • Seth and TGU • Amoeba Analogy • Next Stage of Human Development • Maintaining Equanimity

Session Eleven: October 23, 2001

Choice, Here and There • Belief System Territories • Who Sets up the Environment? • Monroe’s System • Spirit Possession • Walk-ins • Astrology and Correspondence • World Religions and Truth • The Meaning of Dreams

Session Twelve: October 30, 2001

The Larger Being and God • Stretching to Other Layers • Becoming More Individual • Monroe and Religious Systems • Intermediaries • Entering the Physical • The Lure of the Physical • Dreams, the Amoeba, and the Unconscious • Creating Reality, Being Dreamed • Conspiracies and Living in Faith

Session Thirteen: November 6, 2001

The Concept of the Amoeba • Individuality on the Other Side • Successful Lives and the Amoeba • Obtaining Psychic Abilities • Duality • Earth’s Other Inhabitants • The West and the World

Session Fourteen: November 13, 2001

The Nature of the Amoeba • The Amoeba and Crystallized Beings • Of God and Satan and Polarities • About this Book

Session Fifteen: November 20, 2001

Lessons from Frank’s Experiences • Geniuses, Perception, and Potential • Relative Advantages, There and Here • Looking for the Footprints of Guidance • People’s Awareness of Manipulation • Monads and Biospheres

Session Sixteen: November 29, 2001

Definition of Now • Making the Transition • After the Transition • TGU after the Transition • Communicating with the Next Level • Consciousness Levels and Focus Levels

Session Seventeen: December 4, 2001

Multiple Perspectives • Both Sides Work Together • Essence and Personality • Accounting • Water and Ice Cubes • Notes on Prep Sessions • Difference in Consciousness • Freedom and Intelligence • Forms and Development

Session Eighteen: January 11, 2002 (PREP Session)

Meaning of Crystallization • Memory • The Sphere and the Hologram • Suggestions for TMI • Information for Frank and Rita • Egyptian Experience • Priestly Image

Session Nineteen: January 29, 2002

Consciousness of Other Lives • Importance of Separateness of Lives • Resonances • The Question of God • Remembering Past and Future • Searching for an Analogy • Lifetimes As Experiment – Analogy • Personalities Alive over There • Both Sides Equally Important

Session Twenty: February 9, 2002 (PREP Session)

Aligning Physical Energy • Reincarnation Questions • Individuals and Threads • Lifetimes and Time and Causality • TGU As Monad, As Intermediary • Reincarnation Questions • “Stuck”ness As Habit of Mind • Monroe System Questions • Limits of Physical Reality • Time, There • Frank and the Material • Pursuing Proof • Connecting with Smallwood

Session Twenty-One: March 19, 2002

Interaction with the Other Side • Interaction on the Other Side • Personalities Still Exist There • The Benefit of Isolation • Work and Vocation • Two Kinds of UFOs • The Value of Group Activity • Physical Contacts • TGU’s Puzzlement • Consciousness and the Body • Souls • Sharing Consciousness • Books

Session Twenty-Two: March 26, 2002

Soul Mates and Twin Souls • Boundaries • Time As a Dimension • Creation • The Big Bang Idea As a Boundary • Time Travel • Suicide • Seth and TGU As Phenomena • Difference in Questions


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