The Sphere and the Hologram

The Sphere And The Hologram – Here at Last

   It has been a long time coming.

   Rita Warren and I began our series of sessions with the guys upstairs in August, 2001. Twenty-two sessions later, we knew we had something of importance.

   I took a month off, in the summer of 2002, specifically to turn these sessions into a book. For one reason and another, that didn’t happen. In March, 2008, Rita made her transition at the age of 88. Perhaps that finally spurred me into action. Four edits later, here are the transcripts. The books arrived at my door this afternoon.

   You will notice that The Sphere And The Hologram is subtitled “Explanations From The Other Side.” There’s a reason for that. For two decades, Rita had asked channelers and others in altered states questions about the nature of the universe and the afterlife. She had never been able to get satisfactory answers. But for some reason she and I, working together, got answers that were not only plausible, but life-changing.

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The Sphere and the Hologram

The guys upstairs finally have their own book!

At least, it’s going to the printer today.

Some of you may remember that back in August, 2001, Rita Warren and I began a series of weekly sessions with the unembodied entities that I call the guys upstairs. In other words, I went into an altered state and answered questions that Rita posed. Her background made her particularly apt for this role. She was a PhD in psychology, after all. She had run Bob Monroe’s lab for four years after that, and had retired again still not having gotten answers to some of the questions she was most interested in. What we found, to our delight, is that the guys upstairs could answer those questions, and were perfectly willing to do so. And where Rita’s academic background became particularly helpful was that she would come back repeatedly with follow-up questions saying “this seems to contradict that from an earlier session,” which always led to increased clarity.

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A New Model Of Consciousness In Space And Time

Last April I posted, in ten installments, some great stuff I had gotten from my friends upstairs in January, 2006 over the course of a few days. I recently pulled up the ten posts, removed headers and continuation lines, and concatenated it into one long file. (It’s easier to read one file, I think, than one after the other in the archives of several months ago.)

I will be glad to send the file in response to a request via email to