First Copy

Yesterday Bob Friedman dropped off advance copies of my latest book, Imagine Yourself Well a book that was a long time in the making. A lot of practical experience went into this one, and I got it into only 100 pages.

Frank DeMarco holding copy of Imagine Yourself Well


I meant for it to be severely practical. Here’s the first part of the intro:


In this book you will find simple techniques to improve your health. They are free, they have no side-effects, and they cannot interfere with any medicines you may be taking. You can mix them with whatever form of medical care you prefer. You can do them with your doctor’s blessing, or you can keep them to yourself.

You can use these techniques, no matter how serious your present condition. Are you in continual pain? Seriously injured? Enduring a chronic degenerative condition? Whatever, it doesn’t matter. You can use these techniques.

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Very intelligent book.

Christmas came early. In the mail from England I received a copy from the author of this brand new book called Supersoul, and what a treat it is. He reasons, he analyzes, he compares, and he brings his own experiences into the mix. A special treat for me, as it is the first time I can remember someone incorporating the ideas from The Cosmic Internet. In what I take as a high compliment indeed, he says that as he read it, “I alternated between compelling resonance and fierce resistance.” In other words, he took it seriously enough to wrestle with it. What more could an  author ask?

As I said, an early Christmas this year. I read it through in two days, and liked ever bit of it.


Colin Wilson’s Foreword to Muddy Tracks

When an author is as prolific of Forewords and Prefaces and Introductions as Colin Wilson was, you can bet that sooner or later at least some of them will be collected and republished together, because they often shine as much light on his own ideas as on the books they introduce. Certainly that’s true for the Foreword Colin kindly wrote for my book that was published in 2001. Here it is.

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How fleeting, fame! :-)

Andy Warhol once famously said that the way trends were going, our future was that everybody would be famous for 15 minutes. Judging from Amazon sales results, he may have been on to something.

My appearance on the George Noory show produced a gratifying surge of interest in my books, resulting in enough sales — we don’t yet know how many — to drastically reduce my ranking in Amazon’s all-time sales lists. (In Amazon’s inverted system of rankings, the smaller your number the closer you are to being the all-time best seller, and the higher your number, the better your chances that even your mother refused to buy the book, even as something for the dog to chew.) But, as I knew ahead of time, the bounce was just that, a bounce, not a permanent new placement.

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The Sphere and the Hologram

The Sphere And The Hologram – Here at Last

   It has been a long time coming.

   Rita Warren and I began our series of sessions with the guys upstairs in August, 2001. Twenty-two sessions later, we knew we had something of importance.

   I took a month off, in the summer of 2002, specifically to turn these sessions into a book. For one reason and another, that didn’t happen. In March, 2008, Rita made her transition at the age of 88. Perhaps that finally spurred me into action. Four edits later, here are the transcripts. The books arrived at my door this afternoon.

   You will notice that The Sphere And The Hologram is subtitled “Explanations From The Other Side.” There’s a reason for that. For two decades, Rita had asked channelers and others in altered states questions about the nature of the universe and the afterlife. She had never been able to get satisfactory answers. But for some reason she and I, working together, got answers that were not only plausible, but life-changing.

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The Sphere and the Hologram

The guys upstairs finally have their own book!

At least, it’s going to the printer today.

Some of you may remember that back in August, 2001, Rita Warren and I began a series of weekly sessions with the unembodied entities that I call the guys upstairs. In other words, I went into an altered state and answered questions that Rita posed. Her background made her particularly apt for this role. She was a PhD in psychology, after all. She had run Bob Monroe’s lab for four years after that, and had retired again still not having gotten answers to some of the questions she was most interested in. What we found, to our delight, is that the guys upstairs could answer those questions, and were perfectly willing to do so. And where Rita’s academic background became particularly helpful was that she would come back repeatedly with follow-up questions saying “this seems to contradict that from an earlier session,” which always led to increased clarity.

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About those buttons



The buttons on the website don’t work yet, but as we get them hooked up, here’s what they will lead to. This list of the books I have written and, more, those I have yet to write, may serve to give you an overview of what I’m trying to do. Titles of books not yet written are in brackets, like so: [brackets]

My Story

Muddy Tracks            the beginning of my discovery of inner worlds. Published 2001 by Hampton Roads Publishing Company.

[Muddy Tracks 2]      further developments in my discovery (1998-2005). Among the things to talk about: Healing. Channeling. Peru. Avebury and England. 2000 ten sessions in the black box. 2001 Tintagel. 2001 – 2002 sessions. Various Monroe programs such as MC2 and Timeline. Iona, congestive heart failure, and healing. 10 prep sessions in 2004. Etc.

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