The Sphere and the Hologram

The Sphere And The Hologram – Here at Last

   It has been a long time coming.

   Rita Warren and I began our series of sessions with the guys upstairs in August, 2001. Twenty-two sessions later, we knew we had something of importance.

   I took a month off, in the summer of 2002, specifically to turn these sessions into a book. For one reason and another, that didn’t happen. In March, 2008, Rita made her transition at the age of 88. Perhaps that finally spurred me into action. Four edits later, here are the transcripts. The books arrived at my door this afternoon.

   You will notice that The Sphere And The Hologram is subtitled “Explanations From The Other Side.” There’s a reason for that. For two decades, Rita had asked channelers and others in altered states questions about the nature of the universe and the afterlife. She had never been able to get satisfactory answers. But for some reason she and I, working together, got answers that were not only plausible, but life-changing.

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A question of God and the problem of evil

I woke up thinking about God and the problem of evil and suffering 

(Now, first off, I know that lots of people don’t use the word God for fear they will back themselves into superstition. But these same people will say “the universe” or “all that is” as a back-door way of saying the same thing.  “God” is just a word; what’s the sense in being scared of a word? We know you’re not talking about an image of an old man with a beard sitting on a cloud.)

People ask, why does God permit evil? Why does God permit suffering? Why does God permit this, that and the other?

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For more than three dozen years, my life has been deeply influenced by the benign example of Henry David Thoreau. If someone ever puts together a calendar of American saints (not a bad idea) he will surely be among them.

If you have never read his journals, which were first published in 1917 for the centenary of his birth, I highly recommend them. Here is a journal entry from July 24, 1852, that is as alive and pertinent today as when it was written 155 years ago.

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