Conversations June 8, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6:15 AM. Yesterday mid-day I was sitting at the kitchen counter, reading the end of [Reynolds’] The Homecoming, when an impulse to pick up journal and pen resulted in the day’s second entry — to my delight. A nice gift, Papa, and already two people from my little list e-mailed me to say that it meant something to them individually. And why not? One is an artist and you described the inner satisfaction of an artist’s life whether gardening or cooking or whatever — life lived in two worlds simultaneously. And another has had extensive shaman’s training, which comes to the same thing. So — thank you.

And of course it has not escaped me that this time you came unbidden — out of the blue — and that the content delivery and style of your message was less me and more you. I’m very glad to serve as conduit, and not because you were famous but because we were friends.

You heard your hesitation, there? Before you wrote “were friends” you began to write “are friends” with a different meaning.

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (11)

For the past several weeks, we have been looking at a new way of seeing who we are. A couple of loose ends today, and then next week we’ll start looking at what the implications are for the way we lead our lives. Subsequently, we’ll look at society and the individual, and then what the guys call the challenge of our time.

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (9)

Energy signatures and the guys upstairs 

I had a conversation with a skilled professional psychic who can read cards and tea leaves with skill sufficient to be worthwhile – yet she said she envies me my access!  That made me think. I have come to experience access to guidance as an everyday reality. It no longer is a matter of questioning and believing, for me, but of experiencing and probing for ever-deeper levels. The important difference between me and others is probably viewpoint. So I am trying to lay the groundwork for people to see things in the way I do.

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (8)

Not so individual after all

Speaking of time and space and separation and delayed consequences was to lay the groundwork so that you may see more clearly that there are other ways of seeing us than as individuals.

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (7)

There isn’t any “there”!

What I’m attempting to convey is so simple! So simple that when I do get the sense of it across, it is as though I haven’t said anything. People’s response tends to be, “well sure and so what?” In a way, that’s a perfect response, but in a way it is a misunderstanding – a lack of comprehension. There isn’t any “there” as opposed to “here.” It is all here (and it is all “now,” but we’ll get to that). Sometimes I want to keep repeating, “Just because you’ve heard it before doesn’t mean you understood it! Just because it is a familiar sounding idea doesn’t mean you are getting what is being sent.” 

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (6)

Illusions of time, illusions of space

Separation in space produces the illusion – or perhaps it would be better to say the condition – of separation, of individuality, of non-belonging, of difference, in a way that would not be possible otherwise. The guys upstairs once said that there is separation non-physically in a way but not as it is in the physical world. They suggested, as a rough analogy, that we think how our world would be if we were all continuously and unpredictably teleporting though both time and space. Nothing would seem as solid as definite or as sequential to you as everything does now. (It is only an analogy but not so bad a one.)

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (5)

Connecting to other parts of ourselves

Back when I was still new to all this I discovered John Cotton, a “past life” of mine living in Virginia in the 1700s. Eventually I “retrieved” him, which it seems to me amounts to my having lifted myself by my own bootstraps. I was told later that I was gradually assembling the whole party of those known to me, drawing them closer to my everyday mind, which would pay off for me – as it would for anybody who did it – by increasing my range. After I got a handle on those closest to me in temperament, disposition, the era and geography, I could use them to help me move farther afield.

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