Conversations June 14, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

5:45 AM. All right, Papa, now what? Do you have a “next item on the agenda” to provide you with topics?

[TGU] Seth worked that way, but Seth in working with his friend Jane Roberts was working with a blanked slate. She had deliberately vacated the premises so that he could enter without having to contend with the ripples and eddies of a functioning conscious mind as he dictated his books. That’s not our situation here. Here, your interaction is a part of the process, which adds complications that have both helpful and non-helpful effects.

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Papa Hemingway on living writing

In going through previous entries, I found this which I thought was wonderfully evocative. It came via ILC (Intuitive Linked Communication), so of course there is nothing to back it up but whether it resonates. But — read it!

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Simple reassurance

My friend Emerson lends reassurance across the years, via Emphatically Emerson, page 174. Writing in 1848, he says:

“Happy is he who looks only into his work to know if it will succeed, never into the times or public opinion; and who writes from the love of imparting certain thoughts and not from the necessity of sale — who writes always to the unknown friend.”
It could have been written this day, expressly for me, the writer of books that few buy but some treasure — or for you, regardless whether you write or blog or speak and regardless whether you have an audience.
Or, to paraphrase Henry Thoreau, write not the times; write the eternities.

About those buttons



The buttons on the website don’t work yet, but as we get them hooked up, here’s what they will lead to. This list of the books I have written and, more, those I have yet to write, may serve to give you an overview of what I’m trying to do. Titles of books not yet written are in brackets, like so: [brackets]

My Story

Muddy Tracks            the beginning of my discovery of inner worlds. Published 2001 by Hampton Roads Publishing Company.

[Muddy Tracks 2]      further developments in my discovery (1998-2005). Among the things to talk about: Healing. Channeling. Peru. Avebury and England. 2000 ten sessions in the black box. 2001 Tintagel. 2001 – 2002 sessions. Various Monroe programs such as MC2 and Timeline. Iona, congestive heart failure, and healing. 10 prep sessions in 2004. Etc.

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