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The buttons on the website don’t work yet, but as we get them hooked up, here’s what they will lead to. This list of the books I have written and, more, those I have yet to write, may serve to give you an overview of what I’m trying to do. Titles of books not yet written are in brackets, like so: [brackets]

My Story

Muddy Tracks            the beginning of my discovery of inner worlds. Published 2001 by Hampton Roads Publishing Company.

[Muddy Tracks 2]      further developments in my discovery (1998-2005). Among the things to talk about: Healing. Channeling. Peru. Avebury and England. 2000 ten sessions in the black box. 2001 Tintagel. 2001 – 2002 sessions. Various Monroe programs such as MC2 and Timeline. Iona, congestive heart failure, and healing. 10 prep sessions in 2004. Etc.


[The Sphere and the Hologram] [TGU 1 2001-2002]    first sessions with TGU, with sketches illustrating concepts

[TGU 2] [ 2002-2005]    developments after the first series

[TGU 3] [ 2005-2007]    enter Joseph Smallwood and friends, with an agenda of their own



Imagine Yourself Well             how to use visualization for wellness

[Imagine Yourself Guided]       how to develop access to inner resources


Spirit and Society

[Iona]                                                  spirituality in our next civilization

[Thoreau: An Internal Life]                       samples from his journals

[Thoreau and Mr. Emerson]                two paths, two spiritual lives

[Slavery and Society]                          how fear and selfishness play out in everyday life



Messenger: A Sequel to Lost Horizon. George Chiari, in Tibet, learns about inner worlds. (This book was published in 1994 by Hampton Roads Publishing Company, won a national award but is out of print. I own the remaining copies and will be selling them here.)

Babe in the Woods      Angelo Chiari, in Virginia, learns about inner worlds.

[A Death in the Black Box]         George and Angelo fight to defend the C.T. Merriman Institute from a conspiracy to destroy it

[Conspiracies of Men and God] George and Angelo become involved in a larger struggle over the future of society.

[Machu Picchu]          Finding meaning in life – a love story, set partially in Peru, between two Americans

[The Stone]            A story about the other side interfacing with this side, for larger purposes…



 I don’t know yet how this will wind up being structured. But it’s a beautiful world we live in, and I’ll share some of what I see, just for the pleasure of it.



The Marsh                               A book of cinquains (an American version of haiku)

Death and Resurrection          A book of cinquains

An Unsuspected Life               A book of cinquains



We’ll see what we do with this. Some material will be made available as e-books, some perhaps as audio downloads so you can listen while commuting, for instance. 




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  1. Sorry, that’s an acronym for The Guys Upstairs (sometimes The Gentlemen Upstairs) meaning, disembodied but not necessarily identified intelligences with whom I have been (and you and others may be) in contact.

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