Thoreau and Mr. Emerson: A friendship

Friends, this introductory fragment from a book I long intended to write but perhaps will never get to do, for your edification.

Thoreau and Mr. Emerson: A friendship


Friendship, like marriage or any other relationship, offers plenty of room for misunderstanding and irritation. Your best friend isn’t necessarily the person you would choose to deliver your eulogy. That doesn’t make the friendship any less precious.

It was like that for Emerson and Thoreau. Their friendship had plenty of obstacles, not least the personalities of the two. Over the years, each man’s journal from time to time reproaches the other for his insufficiencies, or finds the other wrong-headed.

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Conversations June 14, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

5:45 AM. All right, Papa, now what? Do you have a “next item on the agenda” to provide you with topics?

[TGU] Seth worked that way, but Seth in working with his friend Jane Roberts was working with a blanked slate. She had deliberately vacated the premises so that he could enter without having to contend with the ripples and eddies of a functioning conscious mind as he dictated his books. That’s not our situation here. Here, your interaction is a part of the process, which adds complications that have both helpful and non-helpful effects.

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