The world’s invisible Internet (5)

On December 18, I told the TMI Explorers list what had been happening, and what had just happened that day:

Email, 12-18-05:

“Speaking of beyond time and space, something interesting has been happening these past couple of days. You may remember that I connected to that life as Joseph Smallwood, the young man who visited Emerson one day in the 1840s. Well, when I was in Oregon in September I went looking for signs of his having been there (hoping to find traces of a monograph that I think he wrote) and a researcher I was talking to suggested that maybe he returned east after getting there. A thunderclap! Of course he did! He was a Transcendentalist, and probably an abolitionist. He would have been about 40 when the Civil War began, and no way would he have sat it out.

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The world’s invisible Internet (3)

In March 1993, three months after doing Gateway,  I did another TMI residential course called Guidelines, designed to get participants into closer touch with guidance. Although I didn’t realize it until later, I entered the program not only expanded, but wildly ungrounded. This must have been hard on the other participants, but it made it easy for me to take another giant step. Doubt inhibits. Trying to define in advance of experience inhibits. Worrying too much about fooling yourself, or about making a fool of yourself in front of others, inhibits. Being ungrounded is not generally helpful, but in this instance it did allow me to move, as I was not in the mood to inhibit anything!

Guidelines has a chapter in Muddy Tracks too; all I want to say here about the program is that on the final day, I got to have a session in the isolation chamber that I call the black box, and for the first time I was able to allow the guys to come through using my voice rather than my pen. Just as in automatic writing, the words welled up within me, only this time instead of writing the words, I spoke them. All sessions in the black box are taped, and the participant is given a copy of the tape, so I was able to walk away with an hour or so of conversation from the other side, lest I should later doubt that I had done it.

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What could be more delightful…?

…than somebody really getting it?

Babe in the Woods is being offered on Amazon and in other places by Doyle Whiteaker, a friend from one of the Monroe Institute-oriented email groups. He requested that a friend of his read it, and he sent me her review, which follows:

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Babe in the Woods is in print

If you ever wondered what it would be like to go through a program with a couple of dozen people all looking for extraordinary potential — here’s an easy way to get the idea.

Babe in the Woods is about a skeptical news reporter’s entry into a world that he had always assumed did not exist. As he goes through the program he is surrounded by others at very different levels of being. Some are beginners, some are experienced. Some are skeptical, some credulous. Some are able to go with their experiences, some are not. Kind of like real life….

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More coming attractions…



My Story1 – Muddy Tracks: Exploring an Unsuspected Reality


 Is there an afterlife? Do God and spirits exist? If so, do they concern themselves with human lives? Of these things, our societyteaches nothing because it knows nothing, and thinks that we can know nothing. So it dismisses the idea of telepathy, out-of-body experiences, ghosts, spirit possession, and any form of afterlife experience, including heaven and hell. It disregards the power of prayer and disbelieves the ability to heal by touch and at a distance.

But from work at The Monroe Institute and elsewhere, I learned how to obtain first-hand knowledge of life beyond what our society considers normal. I learned how to extend my abilities in ways that our society considers to be impossible. My experience shed new light on the reality underlying this world that has been described repeatedly in the world’s scriptures.

From my own experience, I have become convinced that we are immortal spirits temporarily inhabiting bodies. This life is not our only life. And although we see ourselves as separate from each other, we are all connected to one another by way of our intimate connection with a larger being that cares about us and can be trusted. This larger being is a source of foresight and wisdom, made available to us at times of its own choosing and/or upon our request. Nonetheless, we may often lose communication with it, by failing to remember that we are more than we appear to be.

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While we’re waiting….

It’s taking a while to get the website completed. While we wait, I thought I might as well provide a preview of coming attractions. Here is one, the novel I recently completed.


Babe in the Woods

We’ve all heard of mystery schools, places where people can go to further their psychic and spiritual development. In our day, there are not a few people claim to be able to provide such training, but – as in most things in life – caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware.

But – how can the buyer beware? On the one hand, you don’t want to be giving your time and your money and your sincerity to something that is only self-delusion, or, worse, a sophisticated con. On the other hand, how can you judge something that (if real) is by definition beyond your ability to judge it? Sometimes there’s nothing to do but to jump in and see for yourself, and hope for the best.

As it happens, I have been fortunate enough to attend a sort of modern American shorthand version of such a mystery school, namely a series of week-long courses at The Monroe Institute. (A week is not a lot of time, but in the right circumstances it can be enough time to get you the tools you need. Then you spend the rest of your life applying them.) This novel is my attempt to give readers the flavor of the experience. 

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