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My Story1 – Muddy Tracks: Exploring an Unsuspected Reality


 Is there an afterlife? Do God and spirits exist? If so, do they concern themselves with human lives? Of these things, our societyteaches nothing because it knows nothing, and thinks that we can know nothing. So it dismisses the idea of telepathy, out-of-body experiences, ghosts, spirit possession, and any form of afterlife experience, including heaven and hell. It disregards the power of prayer and disbelieves the ability to heal by touch and at a distance.

But from work at The Monroe Institute and elsewhere, I learned how to obtain first-hand knowledge of life beyond what our society considers normal. I learned how to extend my abilities in ways that our society considers to be impossible. My experience shed new light on the reality underlying this world that has been described repeatedly in the world’s scriptures.

From my own experience, I have become convinced that we are immortal spirits temporarily inhabiting bodies. This life is not our only life. And although we see ourselves as separate from each other, we are all connected to one another by way of our intimate connection with a larger being that cares about us and can be trusted. This larger being is a source of foresight and wisdom, made available to us at times of its own choosing and/or upon our request. Nonetheless, we may often lose communication with it, by failing to remember that we are more than we appear to be.

The implications of these few statements are immense. Communication with the dead? Telepathy? Distant healing? Ghosts? If you once see us as all connected through a larger being, these reports become matters of common sense. They become, in fact, expected.

In ancient Egypt (so says Joan Grant, in Winged Pharaoh), the priests in the temples taught the people using this formula: “I of my own knowledge tell you that this is the truth.”

“I of my own knowledge tell you that this is the truth.”

Without first-hand knowledge, no one can transmit the true nature of physical-matter reality, or of the worlds beyond physical life, or of what we as individuals and as groups can achieve. No one can teach the meaning of life, as it emerges from a greater understanding of the inner and outer world we live in. No one can transfer first-hand knowledge. But I can tell how you may obtain your own first-hand knowledge, and I can offer my own preliminary report of my own findings.

In so doing, I tell true stories that describe my journey of self-discovery (self-creation?), hoping to encourage you on your own journey. It is my hope that my own muddy footprints will help you to spend less time feeling lost, so that you can spend more time joyfully exploring.

I of my own knowledge tell you what follows.


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