Plus 19 years

This is the day, in 1995, that Bob Monroe transitioned back out of the physical, age nearly 80

I was in New York City that day, having gone up particularly to meet Colin Wilson, my long-time favorite author, which turned out to be a delight. The next morning I bought the New York Times, sure there would be an obit for Bob, but there wasn’t. (I realized later that they probably hadn’t even known about it so quickly.) 

No obit, for Bob Monroe! I thought of Emerson’s words at Thoreau’s funeral, to the effect that the country didn’t yet know how great a son it had lost. I thought, in a hundred years, there won’t be an educated person on the face of the planet who won’t have heard his name. But in 1995 it was still too early.

One thought on “Plus 19 years

  1. I recall that I didn’t hear of Bob’s passing until Summer of 1995, when I was in a metaphysical supply store in Seattle, picking up a copy of “Ultimate Journey”. There was some feeling of regret on my part that I hadn’t “followed my impulses”, and scheduled a “Gateway Voyage” in 1991, while Bob was, presumably, still doing his Wednesday evening talks to the group. I do know now that TMI is in capable hands, and I do look forward to my eventual “pilgrimage” there.

    Interestingly, early 1995 marked the passing of three of my favorite authors, w/in a two month period: Gerald Durrell in January (his biography contains a fascinating post-script, with evidence that “Gerald” was in communication w/ the biographer, after his passing); Alf Wight (aka: “James Herriot”) in February, and of course Bob on St. Paddy’s Day.

    Although I know Bob eschewed alcohol, I’ll at least hoist a “cyber Jamieson’s” in honor of Bob and his legacy!


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