An interview about how I have used the black-box at TMI

With the able assistance of Mike George (well, to be honest, ONLY through the able assistance of Mike George), I was able to get this youtube clip uploaded.

It shows me being interviewed in January by TMI trainer and booth monitor Patty Ray Avalon, a small part of which she used in her presentation to the  Monroe Institute’s Professional Division the following month on the uses of the black box..

7 thoughts on “An interview about how I have used the black-box at TMI

  1. Hi Frank,

    Nice interview! I liked your explanation as to “who” The Guys Upstairs are/is, and the “ring/thread” analogy of “who we are” as Humans.

    In fact, it has been your explanation of your model of how reincarnation “works” (along w/ Joan Grant’s “Far Memory”) which has opened my mind to a new (to me) model of this subject (when I first read “Soul Survivor”, for example, I was still pretty entrenched in the “linear reincarnational model”, a la Ian Stevenson’s studies, etc.)

    My own psychic interests continue to propel me towards an eventual trip to TMI for the “Gateway Voyage” (this, and finishing my Sport Pilot training, are high on the priority list, when my finances allow for either or both, hopefully!)


      1. Thanks, Frank; it would be fun to meet up!

        As I’ve mentioned, I have been having some minor psychic experiences; these seem to be on the increase since we moved to Ohio 2-1/2 years ago. It does feel to me, intuitively, that the TMI “Gateway” would be a way for me to deepen these experiences, and learn more about my true nature. I’ll do my best to approach this w/ no expectations (OOBEs, etc.), but w/ an increasingly burning curiosity as to the “I AM” that I am!

        I think I’ll hop on over to the TMI site, and check schedules. Furthering my curiosity and interest lately is Joe McMoneagle’s excellent book (“Stargate”); his story is gripping, to say the least!


          1. Yes, it is a very engaging read! What impresses me about Joe is that here is someone who comes across as eminently sane, talking about concepts, which, if anything, have been subjected to unusually strict scientific protocol (i.e. there is even more proof for PSI than many other “conventional” research fields), yet the reductionist/materialist camp continues to debunk the research, while running scared as can be!

          2. I think here we see what i sometimes call the “rotten ice” effect. You know how, in the Springtime, in areas that have had ponds or lakes freeze over, the warmer weather rots the ice so that it still looks as solid as ever, but then one light rain or a sunny day comes along and removes the ice as if it had never been. It’ll be the same with a lot of things like UFOs and belief in what are now called extrasensory powers. One minute, a solid wall, the next minute, you won’t be able to find anybody who will admit that they ever doubted. That’s what i think we’re seeing, the last days of the long winter’s rotted ice.

          3. Interesting analogy, and it also goes along w/ my “last days of the dinosaurs desperately thrashing about” observations about so many “broken systems” falling apart. Your description was demonstrated for me literally today; I walk by the college’s Environmental Sciences bldg. on my way downtown; they have a rain-catchment pond out front, which makes an attractive water feature, as well as a natural filtration system for water runoff. Last week, even though it was quite mild, the pond looked like a solid block of ice; today, after a couple of above-freezing days (following a stretch of sub-freezing Wx) the pond was clear of ice entirely…Hope this is a reflection of us collectively letting go of our fears of “the unknown”…

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