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Bob Friedman, my old partner at Hampton Roads, now has Rainbow Ridge Books. He has published two of my previous books, The Cosmic Internet and Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway, and now is going to publish an ebook for me, which we’re calling A Place to Stand.  This is a transcript with commentary about ten black-box sessions I did at The Monroe Institute back in autumn of the year 2000.  Cover by his talented son Jonathan.


Conversations June 10, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

6 AM. All right, here we are again.

In the time since we left off, not only have you done two days’ worth of reading — ignoring any other way of doing something other than this, however — but you received, last night, a phone call from your friend Jon asking if you knew anyone who could talk with him on the subject of guidance, because he has no confidence that his guides, as he conceives them, are really on his side. He perceives them as being in conflict with each other as well as with what he wants.

Yes, and I gather that you’re going to say, “and he isn’t necessarily wrong.”

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (28)

Why relying on guidance is practical — and how to do it

Saturday, April 7, 2007

8 a.m. My friends, what have you to say about my blog, or self development by choice, or past lives, or your ongoing project working through me, or the price of eggs?

The more pointed the question, remember, the more pointed the answer. However, we take your question to be in effect “what is the thing you would most likely to know and perhaps to communicate today?”

Close enough. And the answer is?

We realize that it seems irresponsible even to you for you to be blogging without consideration of how that is to translate into income for you. But the operative word, as you like to say, is “seems.”

What is practical and what is not depends upon many factors, most of them hidden from you most of the time. That is why it is practical to rely upon the guidance, once you have sorted out your issues around “is it me downstairs or is this guidance?”

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (19)

Henry Thoreau’s words and example deeply influenced  my life since I first read Walden at age 24 and wound up writing my M.A. thesis on his early social views in the light of his personal religion. This is a man! And his stalwart, straightforward life is such an example of virtues lived that an earlier age would have named him as a saint. (That is, as a person whose life displayed virtues worthy of emulation.) I never thought, in that long ago, that  I’d be able to talk to him.

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (18)

As on every Friday  for the past four  months, another excerpt from my on-going conversations with various disembodied beings.

This series hopes to illumine for you, as it did for me, aspects of the interconnections between this side (3D reality) and the other side (outside of time and space). My ultimate goal is to nudge you (as I have been nudged)  toward an understandable concept of our place in the universe, one that helps us see meaning in our lives.  God knows, materialist reductionism doesn’t!

But the language and concepts of traditional religions as traditionally expressed are dead to us, and need reinterpreting. That’s part of what’s going on here. And, in the process, the guys upstairs are happy enough to knock some dust off long-repeated concepts, and at the same time throw out some bathwater, while holding on to the baby. So — part 18 of the series.

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (17)

Several short topics here, given as they were given to me day by day. The benefits of routine, the nature of time, and the advantages of staying in contact with guidance. And between the lines are hints as to what we as humans really are, and therefore how we function best.

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (12)

Shaping Ourselves

This post may be one of the better Christmas presents you’ve ever received. At least, I hope so, because here we enter more closely into the question of how we should live; what the possibilities are. The easiest way to convey this is just to pass along the contents of this session with the guys upstairs. As usual, paragraphs in italics represent me speaking (or, in this case, writing), while the words the guys provide me are given in Roman text.

They begin:

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