A Place to Stand


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Bob Friedman, my old partner at Hampton Roads, now has Rainbow Ridge Books. He has published two of my previous books, The Cosmic Internet and Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway, and now is going to publish an ebook for me, which we’re calling A Place to Stand.  This is a transcript with commentary about ten black-box sessions I did at The Monroe Institute back in autumn of the year 2000.  Cover by his talented son Jonathan.


The essence of the inner life — beyond tag lines

Paul Rademacher looks at the challenges of describing the spiritual quest to a society that thinks in terms of advertising slogans. He starts with the Public Relations  guy  at a conference who asked him “what is the benefit of consciousness and spirituality?”

“He was young, intelligent and on the cutting edge of marketing. It was a litmus test and I knew I couldn’t answer his question. It was embarrassing. How do you begin to quantify the benefits of the inner life in an elevator pitch?”

Well, how?