Lucid Dreaming Intensive at The Monroe Institute

This account is the shadow of a shadow of the experience, of course, but perhaps it will give an idea of how it was. These programs are always a blend of the techniques and exercises, the interaction with the trainers and other participants, and the group energy that builds when people spend time in a common endeavor. I know of nothing like it.

Lucid Dreaming intensive, April 12-18, 2014


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We’ll learn the value of this course (one way or the other) by how it changes or doesn’t change our lives – or rather, how we use it or don’t use it. But here is my interim record of how it went from the inside.

Omitted here (mostly) are the stimulating conversations at mealtimes, the jokes, the personal stories, the addressing of each other’s puzzlements that took place here as in all TMI programs. Omitted are our enjoyment of the warm Sunday and Monday, and our dis-enjoyment of the rapid cooling that began Tuesday and persisted into Thursday. Omitted are the chats by the snack counter, and the endlessly available coffee, tea, and fruit juice, and the meals prepared by others and cleaned up by others, that freed so much energy to do the things we were there to do. Omitted, too, is the healing work participants did for each other. All these things contribute to making TMI programs so warm as memories, but you can’t go repeating it all the time. Just be aware that it is the vital and (usually) unmentioned background to everything else. My notes unfortunately do not include the jokes and the general fooling around that always accompanies not only the gathering of participants but the light-hearted approach of the trainers:

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Living in the future

Always fun — like going home again, only without the home-cooked meals. Spoke to the current Guidelines group last night, and as always I enjoyed that sense of community that is so difficult to describe, and even more difficult to explain. I think it’s why sometimes people who haven’t been there worry …. I remember one of my friends returned home and his wife was positive he had joined a cult.

So how to explain the allure?

Sometimes i say it’s like living in the future. So what do i mean by that?

Some day, in the future, if we’re fortunate, the culture at large will learn first-hand that what it presently thinks is reality is really only a stripped-down, mechanized version of reality that leaves out the best parts. It will learn that the magic of life is still there, underneath all the false values that have obscured it. And it will learn that we have more abilities, more access to guidance, more genuine promise, than anything our contemporary society suspects.

Well, at TMI the participants already know it.  They can talk, from personal experience, to others who have had the same kind of experience, who share a common language, who actually understand the things unsaid. Not, at all, that they share all the same opinions or attitudes; not that they all instantly bond as friends; not, even, that they necessarily stay in touch with each other afterward, though some do.  Nonetheless, for the time that they are at TMI together, they are citizens of a common republic that doesn’t necessarily exist where they live the rest of their lives.

Always nice to return for a visit, and to meet more old friends….

A Place to Stand


image description
image description

Bob Friedman, my old partner at Hampton Roads, now has Rainbow Ridge Books. He has published two of my previous books, The Cosmic Internet and Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway, and now is going to publish an ebook for me, which we’re calling A Place to Stand.  This is a transcript with commentary about ten black-box sessions I did at The Monroe Institute back in autumn of the year 2000.  Cover by his talented son Jonathan.


An interview about how I have used the black-box at TMI

With the able assistance of Mike George (well, to be honest, ONLY through the able assistance of Mike George), I was able to get this youtube clip uploaded.

It shows me being interviewed in January by TMI trainer and booth monitor Patty Ray Avalon, a small part of which she used in her presentation to the  Monroe Institute’s Professional Division the following month on the uses of the black box..

Independence for Carol

For all my friends who joined with those of the greater Monroe Institute community in sending prayers, healing energy and loving support to TMI Executive Director Carol de la Herran:

TMI announced today that Carol made her transition to the other side at noon today.

As I said when I first asked people to assist as best they could, “healing” doesn’t always mean “return to the physical life”; sometimes it means, moving on to the next phase of existence. This is a lesson all healers have to learn, whether their medium is conventional medicine, energy work, prayer, or some combination of the three.

It is no exaggeration to say that Carol burned out doing her best to save TMI from financial and other disaster, and did not burn out until she had accomplished that task. Her very last week before she was taken to the hospital saw her doing a trade show in Washington, D.C, then immediately driving with a friend to a conference in Detroit, Michigan, and then returning to TMI thinking that she would take a week-long course, which in the event proved to be impossible. She was in harness to the last moment.

When I think of Carol, I associate her not only with TMI, but with my first experiences of her, both of which involved healing and energy work.

In 1998, she was one of the teachers of a Reiki I course I attended. Her attunement, as it is called, moved me deeply. It felt like what I had expected the Sacraments to feel like, when I was a boy. Indeed, I sometimes said it was my first experience of a Sacrament.

Then a few years later, Carol and I were among a dozen or so participants at our mutual friend Nancy Dorman’s. For many years, Nancy held what she called an “energy exchange” once a month, and people paired up to do whatever healing modality they preferred. I well remember lying on my back on the massage table with my eyes closed, and feeling, without any uncertainty, Carol’s hands a foot and a half above my body, balancing chakras. (I opened an eye to be sure her hands were where I was feeling them, and they were.) Never experienced that before or after.

Neither experience should be surprising, in light of the fact that she ran a Reiki Center in Spain for decades, among all her other activities.

And now, on this , Independence Day, she has freed herself from the limitations of life on earth, and moves on to other things. Join me in raising a virtual glass and wishing her bon voyage.


TMI’s statement:

Dear TMI Family,

It is with deep sadness that we are writing to let you know – Carol de la Herran made her final transition today at noon Eastern Standard Time. Her loving family was with her when she passed.

Carol’s unconditional commitment to, and love of, The Monroe Institute was expressed daily through her actions as leader, administrator, colleague, educator, trainer, innovator, and family member. She will be dearly missed by her TMI family.


Plans for a memorial are in process. As details become available we will share them with you.
Meanwhile, please know that your well wishes, prayers, and positive energy make a difference. Thank you for supporting Carol and TMI through this time.

With love and gratitude,

The Monroe Institute


Carol’s condition worsening

Just received this from TMI about Carol Sabick de la Harran.

On the one hand, while I don’t have any inside information one way or the other, it does feel like the end may be near. I woke up feeling that, and got an email from a friend saying: “I’ve felt Carol de la Herran very close by all night and this morning.  It feels like she is close to letting go. .. I talked to her about ___’s transition and that she knows how to do it and she can just let go and drift out there and she’ll be fine – with no pain or tubes or physical restrictions.  The the last hour or so I’ve felt a shift and was infused with warmth and a feeling of peace.  It feels very quite and reverent.  I feel like something in her has shifted and she can make her transition now, if she hasn’t already. Anyhow, the purpose of this email is not about me – it is to ask you all to keep her in your prayers and send her loving energy for a smooth transition if that is what she has decided.”

On the other hand, it’s never over until it’s over.

On the third hand, so to speak, i always remember something i learned 20 years ago in somewhat similar circumstances, when I was first learning about the use of such energies – sometimes “healing” means getting better physically, and sometimes it means being able to make your transition. Whichever way it goes, loving assistance freely offered is never a waste of time and effort. My personal thanks to all who have joined in the effort to bring healing to Carol, and we’ll see which way it goes.

Special Letter to the TMI Family
July 3, 2013

Dear TMI Family,

The news is not good. We received word that Carol has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. Her body is fighting an aggressive fungus plus system-wide inflammation. Carol’s family does not expect her to survive.

Her children from Europe are at her bedside. They send sincere thanks for all of our love and support.

Please join us in keeping Carol in our thoughts and prayers.

You will hear from us as soon as anything changes.

With love and appreciation,

The Monroe Institute


Healing energy for Carol: A Call for help

The Monroe Institute’s Executive Director, Carol Sabick de la Herran, has been in the hospital ten days now, suffering among other things from pneumonia and exhaustion, and I’m asking my friends to join me in getting more proactive. I know from long experience that people can send healing energies to others, merely by focusing their intent. If you would, I’d ask that we all send her healing energy three times a day, say just before we ate each meal?

I don’t think it should be energy intending to dictate a result (a common error among beginning healers) but there couldn’t be any harm in sending energy for her best and highest good, in whatever way her own higher self could use it. There’s a terrific power in focused intent, and the people on this list sending blessings to her three times a day is perhaps the one useful thing we can do for her. You don’t need to know her, and you don’t need to know anything about her medical condition. Your intent is the powerful factor. It’s a way to be a channel for blessings, always a good thing.

Sound like a good idea? Three times a day, even if we don’t eat three meals a day? My thanks in advance to all who participate.