Follow–up on yesterday’s conversation

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I was – and am! – so pleased by these responses. Send them to Jon (as you know) and can only hope that he receives them, really hears them. Thank you, my friends.

Tell me, how is it that the request met with this tag-team response? Not, at all, criticizing something that worked very well, just wondering.

Well, you know.

Yes, Joyce, I do now that I asked it; the answer came. But you might spell it out a little.

The last thing he wanted was platitudes, but as little as that did he want generalities or ungrounded statements. The best way was to keep the response as personal as possible, and we took turns in presenting to him the aspect that was most salient to each of us.

I could feel the changing of the guard each time – I knew who was at bat, but had no idea what was to be said, and had no idea in advance who the next speaker would be. I did know that Dr. Jung was not going to be followed by anyone else. Who could follow that act?

So – good work, and you learned something.

Yes, I guess I learned that you are more available individually – no, that isn’t the way to put it. I can more easily distinguish individual comment

Which means more nuanced, more specialized, comment is available to you. With the change in point of view, emphasis, background, etc., comes a lot in the background assumptions from which the material is read.

Well, my love to you – to all of you.

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