Rita’s World in the Charlottesville paper

Like every newspaper story I ever read — or wrote — this column has its inaccuracies, but in general, it is a positive look at the idea that Joe Public can talk to the dead. Author Bryan Mackenzie doesn’t even imply that I’m crazy. (As I said, it has its inaccuracies. :-)) I am not a researcher “with the Monroe Institute,” but I can see how I may have given him that impression, by saying that what I can do, I learned there.


2 thoughts on “Rita’s World in the Charlottesville paper

  1. I think we see another sea change in how this interview is written. The fact that he doesn’t make fun of, trivialize, or counter-argue your perspective is a little surprising. The broader perspective of what constitutes life really has become more accepted. And I do think you give a good interview–how you talk about what some see as “woo-woo” helps it become acceptable.

    1. I had half an hour’s conversation with him before he started the interview, and the chemistry between us was good, so I wasn’t really expecting that he would ambush me. You are right, in the past that kind of mockery is exacly what we would have had to expect. But the times, as Mr. Dylan remarked about 50 years ago, they are a’changin’

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