Nice review of Rita’s World

Henry Reed, a noted intuitive closely affiliated with the Association for Research and Enlightenment (Edgar Cayce’s organization) offered to review Rita’s World and sent me this URL. Very nice review, I thought.


4 thoughts on “Nice review of Rita’s World

  1. Thank you very much Frank.

    Henry Reed is a reliable person( “knowing” Henry Reed from my time spent with the Edgar Cayce Study Groups Online ), and it is splendid told in my opinion likewise.
    I have wanted to be more “active” upon your blog here, but I am participating within other “spiritual” groups at the time being. Therefore it is too much at the same time. And all of a sudden to find myself upon “LinkedIn”….I, who never wanted to be with Facebook, Twitter or any “world-wide” Conversations but Yours ! Well the Horizon is expanding whether like it or not it seems.

    Thanks once again Frank.
    Bliss & Blessings, Inger Lise

  2. Very nice (review) indeed, and the little summary of the ongoing shift in perceptions of reality is quite exquisite, delicious. And brings me to say that one aspect of what is going on is to draw the energy/impulse of individuality to the utmost in this physical life. It seems I am given ample assistance specifically in those spots where I might have some way to understand a bit more about the flow of energy. Specifically concerning the individual vs. the collective: I have a horse who has a body that makes the dreams of riding into sunset in beautiful scenery impossible. But what I have gotten from being together with him: an entire education on what it means to be a part of collective as a horse, and what it is to be an individual, separate. A horse is a part of a mesh, the herd individual is not really free. And interacting with a horse, the human gets an amplifier, making more of the human individuality visible – even things that we’d rather cover up with good manners and polite society. A horse will set a human to the task of making the outside be more like the inside. And the human gets to choose if they’re up to it or not.

  3. Hi Frank!

    I recently bought Rita’s World and have been enjoying it tremendously. Like when I first read Jane Roberts’ Seth books, I have had the interesting phenomenon of having questions that I pondered earlier in the day be answered in that night’s chapter.

    I am thrilled with the work you and Rita have put into this book. It has cleared away several of my long-held misconceptions and made way for new understanding. I am now seeing things from a wider perspective.

    Thanks for your work. I look forward to reading Volume Two!


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