I was the “mystery guest” tonight at the last Guidelines of the year at The Monroe Institute, and it was one of the best if not THE best groups I have ever spoken to. Had a great time, sold some Rita’s World and Rita’s World Vol II and Sphere and Hologram books, got to do a little healing work as well.

As the guys upstairs always said, the better the questions, the better the answers, and we had some really great questions this time. What I said in reply seemed to resonate, as well.

Three of the participants were from Portugal, in the process of setting up a TMI branch there. They invited me to come to talk when they get set up, and at first I said no, I don’t travel much any more, and then I thought, you know what, maybe I will. My sister liked Portugal very much, and of course from Portugal it’s only a short hop to Madrid and El Prado. You never know.

If there is anything more satisfying that knowing something and being able to help others by what you know, I cant think what it might be. I wish I could talk to a Guidelines group every month. What fun!

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  1. Frank,
    For anyone wanting to pursue their own connections, TMI’s Guidelines and your own program, Connecting With Inner Guidance are the way to go. Thanks for what you bring to both of those, and on top of that, the encouragement to continue practicing ourselves through your books and this blog.

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