The Atlantic Monthly and DOPS

The Atlantic published an article recently on UVA’s Division of Perceptual Studies, which may be of interest. Haven’t read it yet, but thought I’d provide a heads-up.


One thought on “The Atlantic Monthly and DOPS

  1. I just now read this article; pretty much what I expected from a “mainstream” publication, i.e. nothing special or new information was imparted, as far as I’m concerned. At least some of these publications are willing to put a little of this information out there

    Again, I think that Science is creeping forward, very slowly, into even considering esoterica; and there are, apparently, at least a few scientists who are questioning the practice of “not even looking at the evidence/studies” of PSI, etc. phenomena.

    I feel I’m at a point where I intuitively resonate w/ much of the work “out there” (including your fine books, Frank!), that I’m getting less interested in debating/defending the material w/ scientists/skeptics. Instead, I’m “doing my own research” on what I’m experiencing lately.

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