Lucid Dreaming Intensive at The Monroe Institute

This account is the shadow of a shadow of the experience, of course, but perhaps it will give an idea of how it was. These programs are always a blend of the techniques and exercises, the interaction with the trainers and other participants, and the group energy that builds when people spend time in a common endeavor. I know of nothing like it.

Lucid Dreaming intensive, April 12-18, 2014


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We’ll learn the value of this course (one way or the other) by how it changes or doesn’t change our lives – or rather, how we use it or don’t use it. But here is my interim record of how it went from the inside.

Omitted here (mostly) are the stimulating conversations at mealtimes, the jokes, the personal stories, the addressing of each other’s puzzlements that took place here as in all TMI programs. Omitted are our enjoyment of the warm Sunday and Monday, and our dis-enjoyment of the rapid cooling that began Tuesday and persisted into Thursday. Omitted are the chats by the snack counter, and the endlessly available coffee, tea, and fruit juice, and the meals prepared by others and cleaned up by others, that freed so much energy to do the things we were there to do. Omitted, too, is the healing work participants did for each other. All these things contribute to making TMI programs so warm as memories, but you can’t go repeating it all the time. Just be aware that it is the vital and (usually) unmentioned background to everything else. My notes unfortunately do not include the jokes and the general fooling around that always accompanies not only the gathering of participants but the light-hearted approach of the trainers:

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The Atlantic Monthly and DOPS

The Atlantic published an article recently on UVA’s Division of Perceptual Studies, which may be of interest. Haven’t read it yet, but thought I’d provide a heads-up.