One reality — two ways of seeing it

[It is reassuring to me to see that the material I have been obtaining from the guys upstairs over so long a time remains consistent. It’s one thing to trust the process when reading about Jane Roberts or Edgar Cayce doing it. It’s another thing entirely – which comes laden with anxiety! – to be doing it yourself. A friend is putting together an e-book version of The Sphere and the Hologram, and in looking over his rendition I was struck by these two extracts that were written in 1997 and 1998. Still true, still appropriate to our situation. Everything in The Cosmic Internet was built upon these foundations, it seems to me. ]

We begin with two extracts from the afterword of Muddy Tracks, written (about a year apart) by The Gentlemen Upstairs themselves.

1) We well realize, from dealing with Frank “over many years” of change, that you in your position find it difficult to understand us in our position. It tempts you to think that those who are not encased in bodies are all-knowing, all-powerful, all-anything. Conversely, it tempts you to think that we do not, because we can not, exist. It is hard for you to envisage us as we are. Impossible, probably, because you cannot even envisage yourselves as you are. This is said not with contempt, at all; nor with sympathy which would be undeserved, nor with despair which would be unwarranted. . .  What we’re saying is, different environments reflect themselves in different modes of being, which reflect in different externals such as language.

To put it more plainly, we on our home turf are different from you on your home turf, more because the turf is different than because of any inherent differences between ourselves and you. If you will think through the implications of this very true statement, you should find them very encouraging. . . .

We will put it this way, you are already part of a larger being. It is in the larger being that you exist, for if you were cut off from it you could not live one second. And this is what your theologies have been telling you; only they could not give the reasons in a way that could be heard by you. This was no accident, for it is time for new conceptions, in order to make possible new ways of being.

Every age has its own characteristic way of seeing things, of reacting to what it sees, of becoming. The Middle Ages had possibilities closed to you at the new millennium. Similarly, ways that are open to you are closed to it, and for good reason. To allow anything to manifest, contradictory manifestations must be suppressed. You see? The life-force that is moved into vortexes to produce a rose must, in so doing, suppress everything that is not rose. Can a rose be a rose while also manifesting daffodil, or turtle, or elm tree? Yes, it is true that on the highest scale, everything is one; it is also true that that distinction is meaningless in nature, in what Frank calls 3D Theater.

2) We end as we began. There are not two worlds, but one world, not two realities, but one reality containing an infinitude of seeming realities. Not a dream world and a real world, but a world that is a real dream. That is, reality is a dream; the dream is the reality. Same thing, said seemingly differently because of the difference in starting point and emphasis.

You – we, everyone, everything – are part of one indissoluble reality. Thus everything impinges on, colors, everything else. Nothing can exist in isolation, because there is no isolation to exist in! All is one; separations are illusion. Not that it is a magic trick, or a delusion, but that the appearance of separation masks and blurs an underlying connection. Just as space is not separate, just as time is not separate, but each is considered to be made of separate parcels so that they may be apprehended, so reality in the widest possible sense is not separate, but all one thing.

Live in that knowledge. Know that you overlook any one facet of reality only at the price of to that extent disregarding what is. “I say, ye are gods.” Of course. How could it be otherwise? Ye are also rocks, and sky, as actors in a movie might be said to be individual actors but might be also said to be “part of” that movie. Is either view of things untrue? Is either view the only valid way to see it?

We say to you, see things as they are. The only way to do that – since neither the one viewpoint nor the other is the only correct way to describe reality – is to alternate from one to the other, or to overlap them (dealing with the slight resultant confusion and fuzziness), or to see one way, while remembering the other way. Then you will be whole.

One thought on “One reality — two ways of seeing it

  1. True indeed. Though it takes a level of maturity to recognize similarities in those who abide on different turf, be that turf of another human culture or the other side. And a level of maturity beyond that to relinquish comparisons into a knowing of unity. Fortunately the energy of the current world age does seem to be moving in such a direction despite the persistence of turmoil over separateness.

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