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I’m very pleased to announce that I’m going to be talking about The Cosmic Internet on “Coast to Coast AM”  with George Noory. This should introduce a lot of people to the ideas behind the book, and, assuming that I don’t make a total fool of myself, should provide us with the fast start that is so helpful in making a book a success. Let’s hope it is only the first piece of good news in a long string.

Air time is

Pacific time: 11 p.m. May 31 to 2 a.m. June 1.

Eastern time: 2-5 a.m. June 1.

Not prime commuting time, but this show is very popular, and has been since back when it was the Art Bell show.

I am well aware that I owe this to the efficient efforts and widespread professional contacts of  Sara Sgarlat of Sgarlat Publicity. If you’ve got a book to publicize, she’s the one to go to. (She’s also a former Hampton Roads Publishing company employee; what other endorsement do you need?)



7 thoughts on “Coast to Coast radio

  1. You’ll do fine, Frank. Just remember the K.I.S.S. principle–Keep It Simple, Stupid. No kidding. You can’t assume that anyone on the show has actually read the book, or that your audience will know what you’re talking about. So start with the A-B-Cs, go slow, and talk in sound bytes wherever possible. There are lots of commercials, so even 3 hours is not a big deal. I took a long nap beforehand and drank lots of coffee when I got up, and the adrenalin pulled me through. You’ll have a good time. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Joe. Unfortunately, I can’t talk in sound bites; more like sound-meals, or at least sound-main-courses. And as for going slow, well, that’s always a challenge. But we’ll see.

      1. I can’t do the sound bite (byte? bight?) thing, either. “Do as I say, not as I do.” You’ll figure it out as you go.

  2. 40 million listeners worldwide. That’s a big audience.

    Just be yourself, buddy. You are one of the most interesting people I know.

    Make sure you have backup phones. And put big signs up everywhere, front door, etc. For you are sure to attract visitors.


    1. Thanks, pal. For you to say that I am one of the most interesting people you know is a great compliment, given the guy you see in the mirror every morning!

  3. Congratulations Frank. Should be a great gig. You’re a natural talker so just be your funny insightful self.

    But who says you should even be the one talking the whole time. Why not open up and let TGU speak for themselves? I’m sure George and the listeners would find that fascinating.

    By the way, if you update your post to include Sara’s contact info, it’ll be a more helpful plug. I’d contact her.

    1. “By the way, if you update your post to include Sara’s contact info, it’ll be a more helpful plug. I’d contact her.”

      No trouble for me to pass potential contacts along to her.

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