So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (7)

There isn’t any “there”!

What I’m attempting to convey is so simple! So simple that when I do get the sense of it across, it is as though I haven’t said anything. People’s response tends to be, “well sure and so what?” In a way, that’s a perfect response, but in a way it is a misunderstanding – a lack of comprehension. There isn’t any “there” as opposed to “here.” It is all here (and it is all “now,” but we’ll get to that). Sometimes I want to keep repeating, “Just because you’ve heard it before doesn’t mean you understood it! Just because it is a familiar sounding idea doesn’t mean you are getting what is being sent.” 

There isn’t any “there,” anywhere! It is all here, despite the fact that spatial analogies immediately creep back in, due to the stringencies and deficiencies of language. They are right here with us. We are right there with them. Monroe came as close as any when he defined the difference between physical and non-physical as a difference in wave-length, which allows two “things” to be in what seems to be the same space at one time without interfering with each other or even perhaps being aware of each other.

That’s a metaphor, wave-lengths, but it is close enough. Within that metaphor, visualize our condition. We are here at a certain wave-length suitable to life in time-space (slowed down, it is usually said). They are here at a certain wave-length suitable to life outside of time-space – speeded up, so to speak. It is only an analogy, but a useful one. We can “speed up”; they can “slow down” and – communication occurs. They aren’t sending to us from far away, because they aren’t far away. They are here! Just as we are here! There is no need to assume that non-physical reality is somewhere “far away.” We are here; they are here. We are separated by the vibrational difference ( though – it is an analogy!) between space-time and non-space-time. It is simple. I can’t say it any simpler than that. But – can you hear it?

If you live in Alberta, say, or Peru, or Hawaii – they live there. It doesn’t seem so because they have the ability to move else-where and else-when at will, and thus one might ask what that does to the concept of residing anywhere – the answer is, they live where we live.

The Guys Upstairs do not comprise merely all of our “other” lives. Our guides and helpers are of many wavelengths, not all distinctly bound to any one of us. That you cannot always experience them does not make them cease to exist. We are here (by definition) always, and where we are, they are. If we build paradise, they inhabit it with us. If we build hell, or by neglect build a wasteland, they are there with us. It cannot be otherwise  

Closer to the nub of things, we – in the physical, living here-and-now regardless whether we live with our attention elsewhere – can act. We shape the physical world. They live in the extension of the world that is beyond the physical. We injure ourselves or each other and they live with the result – in fact, they experience it in more-than-3D-realism! 

Does this begin to give you an idea of why 3D Theater is important to them? 

The physical is the place where one can act in a way that one cannot, outside the physical. This does not mean that the physical is the only place that is “real”; it means it is the place of delayed consequences, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Just as our health is a ratio between our mental states and our physical states, with mental states moving instantly but not easily persisting, and physical states persisting and not moving easily, so one could make the analogy between the non-physical and the physical. It is only in 3D Theater that we see the phenomenon and results of delayed consequences. But his does not mean that 3D is the only game in town, just that it is a particular and peculiar venue.

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  1. What you say is true. But two people can be in the same room and be completely unaware of each other. There’s the rub, the conditions that promote awareness. When I’m working on what I call Presence, what I used to say to my spirit helpers to establish a dialogue was: “Are you there?” But they eventually chided me for that, so I started to say, “I’m here.” That was an improvement, because obviously they are here too. We can be “here” together. Then I made another adjustment: “I’m awake.” I’m awake to their presence.

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