The Sphere and the Hologram

The guys upstairs finally have their own book!

At least, it’s going to the printer today.

Some of you may remember that back in August, 2001, Rita Warren and I began a series of weekly sessions with the unembodied entities that I call the guys upstairs. In other words, I went into an altered state and answered questions that Rita posed. Her background made her particularly apt for this role. She was a PhD in psychology, after all. She had run Bob Monroe’s lab for four years after that, and had retired again still not having gotten answers to some of the questions she was most interested in. What we found, to our delight, is that the guys upstairs could answer those questions, and were perfectly willing to do so. And where Rita’s academic background became particularly helpful was that she would come back repeatedly with follow-up questions saying “this seems to contradict that from an earlier session,” which always led to increased clarity.

We taped these sessions, and I transcribed them – a massive job! – and forwarded them to friends and to the TMI-oriented Voyagers Mailing List. In the summer of 2002, I attempted to turn the sessions into a book by organizing them according to subject. This didn’t work. Then I thought to present the transcripts as they had come to us, so that the same gradual introduction to the material that Rita and I had been given would be available to the reader. Unfortunately, I got so concerned with preserving every word – treating it as Scripture, so to speak, despite the fact that they had specifically warned me not to – that the result was unreadable. False starts, ums and ers, that we take in stride when we listen to something, become impossible obstacles in print. So, for quite a while, the material remained only on my computer and in binders on my shelves and, presumably, in their original form, out in cyberspace somewhere.

Rita made her transition a year ago March 19, so she never got to see the material between covers. Fortunately, however, I had had her write an introduction to the material back in 2002 when we thought the book would be out shortly. That introduction will be in the book that is coming out.

The material as it will be published as been edited no fewer than four times. It is as clear and flowing as I know how to make it. All I can say is that the material changed Rita’s life and mine. Afterward we did not see the world the same way.

As with the other material I have produced over the past few years, this book – The Sphere And The Hologram – will be published by Hologram Books, the company I set up as a vehicle to get the material out there. Of the several books I intend to get out, this is the one that has seemed the most important.

This is a 6 x 9 paperback, 422 pages. I will sell it for $18 (plus shipping and handling, and tax if applicable) to anyone who orders it before April 30, after which time it will sell for the cover price of $22.

This sounds a lot like blowing my own horn, but in this case I know that this is valuable material.

BTW the title comes from two of the guys’ analogies explaining the nature of life in 3D.

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