A Place to Stand is available as an ebook

Bob Friedman tells me that my book about 10 prep sessions at The Monroe Institute is now up on Kindle. I haven’t entered the ebook world, so i don’t know how one downloads it, but he assures me that anyone who owns a Kindle already knows. It is part of his Rainbow Ridge Books line.

I’m very pleased to have this long-term project off my desk. Although published out of order, the chronological order of the sessions reported on and digested was this:

A Place to Stand (2000)

The Sphere and the Hologram (2001-02)

Chasing Smallwood (2005-06)

Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway (2006-2011)

The Cosmic Internet (2011)

Still to come (maybe) are a book of transcripts and commentary on ten sessions in 2004 in which Rita Warren participated, and one or two books from the material that came in such a spate in 2006 but has not yet been digested and sorted into something more usable.

I asked guidance, not so long ago, if it was really worthwhile to continue to publish work that wasn’t meeting a huge response (to put it mildly) and was asked which i would prefer — to die leaving materials that could never be assembled by anyone, or die leaving assembled manuscripts whether or not they were published.

Wise guys!

Conversations July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

5:30 AM. Yesterday, as I was very aware, was Hemingway’s birthday. Who would have thought he would come to be so much to me? Finished Reynolds’ volume 1, and started re-reading [Jeffrey] Meyers, slowly, which is more interesting this time than the first time. Have not moved in Baker, waiting to get my questions [to Hemingway] in.

As I have talked to people about what I am doing, the question about certainty has presented itself, or rather, my old knowledge that certainty isn’t possible, only resonance. It’s still conceivable that I’m making all this up, regardless how convincing the contacts feel. And just as I could never prove it to anyone else, neither could I prove it to myself. I am left with Jesus’ test — by their fruits you will know them. So far the fruits are joy as I come to each day’s task, enthusiasm and joy, and insight. Or so it seems. But of course I am aware of the danger of leading myself and others astray.

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Conversations July 16, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Almost 4 AM. Papa, more? Wonderful stuff yesterday.

Better questions get better answers, you were told.

And I keep seeing it. I also see that the more I know to start with, the more I can be taught.

Well, the more you’ll understand. Just because the information has to flow from non-physical to physical doesn’t mean the process is any different. In fact, that isn’t what’s happening at all. Let me give you over for a minute.

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Conversations June 24, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 AM. I stopped at Barnes and Noble and bought five Fitzgeralds. Re-reading The Great Gatsby first, because it is an old friend, and perhaps will ease me into reading him as his short stories definitely did not. Also, the next volume of Nevins’ history of the Civil War arrived in yesterday’s mail. Quite a plethora of books to read; I’m a little bit overwhelmed.

Good morning, friends. Anything special on your minds today?

No? Then I guess it’s up to me. All right, Papa, let’s talk about F. Scott Fitzgerald and me. Yesterday I was moved to buy five of his books, after having been unable to read the book of his short stories that I had borrowed. Other than “The Lost Decade,” they seemed so shallow and even silly — just an impression from titles, and reading the first few pages of “A Diamond As Big As The Ritz” and “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” — that I returned the book and thought I was finished with. But then I return with Tender Is The Night, The Beautiful And Damned, This Side Of Paradise and Gatsby. I’m wondering: why.

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The Sphere and the Hologram

Unexpected reinforcement.

Because a friend mentioned looking up his own book via google, I googled The Sphere and the Hologram and found three very nice customer reviews that I had no idea were there.  Naturally, I’m going to share them with you. Seems like the least I can do. 🙂 Thanks, the three of you.

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Only one of us — a personal experience

Received this heartening email from a friend, and thought I’d pass the encouragement along.

Hi, Frank,

I wanted to report an experience made possible by the idea in Sphere that there is no “there.”

Happy holidays.

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So You Think Your Life Was Wasted (2)

[Last Friday I posted the first in a series of edited excerpts from the book I am writing at the present. Do you think your life was wasted, because anything you did or thought will vanish when you die? Well, you’re wrong, but it’s going to take several Fridays to tell you why.]

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