Only one of us — a personal experience

Received this heartening email from a friend, and thought I’d pass the encouragement along.

Hi, Frank,

I wanted to report an experience made possible by the idea in Sphere that there is no “there.”

Happy holidays.

I’ve always been intrigued by the thought that “there is only one of us.” I first encountered the idea in Conversations with God but felt that realizing this rather extreme truth was likely far in the future. (I’m blessed with a keen awareness of the difference between spiritual thoughts and actual spiritual experiences.)

I somehow sensed the need to first get past the belief that we’re bodies, and at the time, I wasn’t really wanting to think about that seriously. However, there’s something about getting older that makes identification with the body seem like a poor investment, long-term.

Recently, I was trying to meditate, despite a raging sinus infection, and nothing was working. Driven by frustration, I asked the Father to dissolve my boundaries and let me be one with Him.

This worked and I was happy but then realized I also needed to be one with everyone, including a guy I deal with who finds it inconvenient to practice mutual respect. (This one was hard.) But the result was amazing, because after reminding myself that there is no ‘there,’ but still wanting to be one with everyone, I was led by this logic to “there is only one of us,” and my need was met with a blazing rightness.

If there is no “there,” everyone’s consciousness must in some way be where I am. And vice-versa. I felt the close proximity of all souls with mine, and we were all miraculously “simplified” to “there IS only one of us.” Something is so stunning and so out-of-the-ordinary about this experience, like being transported to a different dimension (but without leaving the “here”).

I am finally beginning to believe that the heart feels truths, without any help from us, that are forever beyond the mind’s capability. Also, that sometimes a sinus infection is a good thing!

Imagine a state where there is no distance between you and everyone else. There are no strangers anywhere. This is the state where I remember that I am love, that we all are love, and that there is nothing else. Togetherness as an ever-present, always available experience.

And if there is only one of us, then everyone already knows this in their heart!

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