Joseph Felser on The Cosmic Internet

The Cosmic Internet is filled with provocative insights, great intelligence, warm humor, and above all, the passionate quest for truth. Much more than a fascinating record of conversations with ‘non-physical friends’ from ‘the other side,’ it stands as an eloquent testimony to the author’s courage in publicly grappling with the central questions of human existence: Who and what am I? What is my life purpose? What is ‘reality’? How can I trust my own inner experience in a culture that denies the value of inwardness? Frank DeMarco must be defined as one of the premier visionary healers of our age. For above all, it is wholeness—health, in the true sense of the term—that is his quest and question.”

— Joseph M. Felser, Ph.D., author of The Way Back to Paradise and The Myth of the Great Ending

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