TGU – our situation (part 2)

Saturday, June 12, 2021

3 a.m. I have been looking forward to what comes next. So –?

We began using the damage done by the fighting and suffering of World War I as a way of your seeing how the energies piled up by 3D events spill over into non-3D, there to feed back into 3D once more. We are trying to expand your instinctive awareness beyond merely human or even merely animate consciousness, to see that all creation is one thing in cause as well as in effect.

Can I do something to help this be said more clearly?

Often enough, each session begins slowly and gathers intensity and focus. Merely intend, and persevere.

That, I can do.

It may require a few moments, a few lines, before we find the scent and pursue it. However, bullet-points seem to shorten the hunt process, probably because it avoids the need to find the connective tissue ahead of time. We discover, sometimes, by the process of tentative exposition that then acquires its own life.

Yes, I have noticed that.

  • You must remember, if you want to get anything out of this, that what seems to you the solid “external” world is a shared subjectivity.
  • That “world-mind” includes everything, and expresses as everything. It leaves nothing out; it adds nothing. “All is one” means just that: The shared subjectivity that you know of as “the world” cannot include anything “at random”; it cannot omit anything as “unworthy” or “of another nature.” Reality is not about merely human concerns.
  • By the same token, nothing however humble or seemingly alien can be separate from you – from us. There is no “us” and “them,” ultimately. A virus, a rat, a spider, a fungus, a rock, a plasma – name whatever you will: You are part of that; it is part of you.
  • We repeat (for what seems to us the millionth time): There are no ultimate divisions in the universe. You cannot keep this in mind in your examination of any given topic – how can you keep everything actively in mind, if you are to be able to examine anything? – but it is important that you learn to keep this in mind as a sort of background assumption.
  • So if you blow up pieces of the world – and the animals and humans living there at that moment – and all of it is equally part of the living thing that the shared subjectivity really is –

I can’t feel where you want to go with that.

  • Every action has its ramifications, forward and backward. To you in 3D conditions, it looks like we mean “everything was caused, and everything has effects.” But outside of 3D time-sequence logic, it is more like, “Everything has its place in the whole, and altering any part of it alters what it connects to, which in turn alters what those pieces connect to. It ripples forwards, back, sideways, up, down –. You see?

I get a sense of continual fluctuation.

Yes, much like consciousness. You see? Reality is 3D and non-3D; it is “material” and “mental”; it is internal individual subjectivity and external shared subjectivity. There can be no disconnects because you are not seeing two kinds of phenomena; you are seeing the same thing in two aspects. “One” doesn’t move independently of “the other,” for the simple reason that the one and the other are the same thing seen two different ways. That’s what 3D life is, a way to observe life from a different perspective.

There isn’t a “real” life as opposed to an “imagined” life. There is one life, which may be seen as real and imagined.

And where you stand – as they say – determines what you see and how you see it.

Of course. Now, holding this in mind, let’s move back to a beyond-3D perspective.

The world war has come and gone, in 3D. But we know that no moment of time ever goes away. It continues to exist, even after the ever-moving present-moments move beyond it. Other moments of time cannot “visit” each other, in 3D terms, but in the larger sense, they are never out of touch with each other, any more than Ohio ceases to connect with Nebraska, regardless how many states must be traversed to get from one to the other. And these moments of time cannot cease to affect the rest of time.

I have only a vague idea what that means. I get it abstractly, but I can’t think of a definite concrete way it applies.

Well, think again of the hatreds, the fears, the sufferings the war generated. Think of the explosions of energy in new directions. This is not a pun about TNT. We mean, think of the sustained concentration on new ways of killing people, a concentration that had aspects later put to constructive use. The development of the airplane, for instance. Air-conditioning. Traction power to replace horses. Submarine technology. Social standardization and organization to eliminate waste and waste motion. Communication devices. An endless list, really, even when confined to the more obvious physical developments. All that mental power devoted to “practical” uses is a phenomenal burst of generative energy, and so is the phenomenal total of unlived years of all those beings whose lives were cut off prematurely. Can you see that all this must have its effect elsewhere, elsewhen?

Again, not quite. Almost.

The total energy is a huge potential to be discharged somewhere.

Oh. You are looking at 3D time as a capacitor?

Take a second to explain your understanding of the word.

Bruce Moen told me a capacitor is a battery (in effect) that discharges all at once.

We had you explain your view of it merely so as not to divert those for whom it has a definite technical meaning. Yes, look at a given time as a capacitor in that sense; however, a discharge and a refilling, at any given moment. The events of 3D build up charge; at some points (not necessarily all of it at any one point), that charge is released back into the shared subjectivity in a different “when.”

The physical, mental, emotional energies accumulated in one place are available to be discharged in other places. This is true not only of cataclysmic events such as World War I, but of any time, any place, however placid and uneventful it may seem – for energy doesn’t just go away, you know. There are not times filled with energy and other times devoid of energy. It’s going to look like that, but it’s merely an alternation of how it expresses.

That energy is what constellates given individuals into specific time-space situations. It is why you are born as you are. The universe needed you, so to speak, and brought you into being automatically. However, to explain this is going to require more than a few minutes, more than a few sentences.

Something about astrology coming here.

Yes, but not in any technical sense. We mention it – well, a short discussion of the mantic arts, nothing we haven’t said in other contexts.

Because everything is connected, there can be no such thing as a meaningless coincidence. The fact that the smooth side of the duct tape is right there on the other side of the sticky side is not coincidence; it is an inherency. Only if you cannot understand that the two sides are part of the same thing will it appear magical to you (or coincidental) that they always appear in the same place, though of very different natures.

Similarly, reality as a whole. Once realize that 3D and non-3D are parts of the same thing, and – more to the immediate point – once realize that mental and physical are all part of the same shared subjectivity, not a mental and a physical reality, and you see the reason why tarot and astrology and any other form of divination may work for the practitioner.

Astrology is the delineation of timing, as geomancy delineates space and tarot delineates psychology. Yes, they may all be used to “tell the future,” but that is a crude use of sophisticated tools. Better, they may show you not where you are likely to find yourself in the future, but where you are right now. That is, they can show you the hidden state of the shared subjectivity, the currents running beneath the surface.

But we need not go farther into that. If you have the concept, that’s enough. We are past your hour, so next time we will continue with how the universe constellates you when it needs you.

Enormously interesting, at least to me. Correspondingly enormous thanks, and I can’t wait till next time.


One thought on “TGU – our situation (part 2)

  1. >> name whatever you will: You are part of that; it is part of you.

    Even further, You ARE it, and it IS you.

    A part is akin to a partition of the whole (thus the name “part”), intimately still whole. Compare that to fragments, completely separated entities, which then have to be “connected.” So to say “it is all connected’ is strictly only possible in a fragmented view. Wholeness goes much deeper.

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