TGU – Our situation (part 3)

Sunday, June 13, 2021

3:35 a.m. “How the universe constellates us when it needs us.” Presumably in 10 words or less, as usual.

Let’s begin with realizing that the times – any times – are filled with tremendous unfinished business. It manifests as external but of course its essence is internal.

I’m not up to speed yes, I see. Still mazy from sleep, even though the ringing in my ears, especially the left ear, is powerful, and distracting thoughts are few or non-existent.

As last time, so now, bullet-points, perhaps, to break the log-jam by removing the need to construct connectors.

  • All thought and deed are akin.
  • Thinker and recipient are akin.
  • Isolated subjectivity and shared subjectivity are akin.
  • Three ways of saying the same thing. Or, if you prefer, three aspects of the same connected reality, conceptualized slightly differently.
  • Thus, “unfinished business” transcends categories such as “mental” v. “physical” or “private (individual)” v. “public (external).”
  • Emotion and physical forces are akin, which is why pent-up forces may express either as human action or as natural phenomena.
  • All this is merely to remind you that what seems like the external physical world is no different in essence from the internal mental world. Therefore effects manifest in ways that may seem sometimes to be one, sometimes to be the other.
  • We spoke of the enormous potential generated by World War I. All that longing for redress, so to speak. Do you understand what we mean by it?

I take it that the non-3D is this enormous reservoir of energy which we in 3D experience as the external world and as what seems to us to be our own individual reaction to that external world.

You will remember, we carefully pointed out that astrology and other such disciplines are based in the fact that a given moment is composed of a certain mixture of energies active in a certain way. The I Ching, for instance, expresses the underlying order of change. It does not pretend to express mechanistic laws, invariable sequences. Instead, it shows the forces of the moment, and advises as to how to proceed in such circumstances.

Well, each moment has its own characteristics, because each moment is a specific equation.

Devilishly hard to express, isn’t it?

Once again, a very simple concept to convey, but yes, difficult to express so as to be heard from another point of view. Once understood, it will be seen to have been simple all along.

The times permit certain combinations to manifest and inhibit certain other combinations.

That’s true enough, but perhaps not much clearer. Or we might say, all non-3D is ready to express as 3D, but only the parts closest to the feel of the moment can get through the gate.

It’s a sort of balancing of energies, isn’t it?

That statement is easily misunderstood, but has promise. Expand upon it, and let’s see where we go.

Well, if 3D actions (a world war, say) create a huge imbalance in non-3D energies, the non-3D may want to express into 3D whatever will best rebalance things. Some ages will thus produce more warlike energies (whether or not devoted to war), or a burst of intellectual creativity, or a longing for peace, or for expansion, or for complexification, or for understanding – or for any combination of those things. And if ex-3D souls are available to be used as armatures for the insertion of certain combinations of energies into the soup, perhaps they find it easy to manifest, while others do not.

This statement, like ours, will be seen to make sense once the reader grasps the underlying idea. Before that, it won’t.

I don’t know what we can do about it. Restate it in different words? Find different metaphors?

Perhaps it would be best to move along, trusting that the light will dawn.

I find the old tune running through me head: “Time is on my side.” I am tempted to say, “Oh, yeah?”

It would be truer in a way to say that you are on time’s side. That is, you belong to the age you are in, or you wouldn’t (couldn’t) be there. The times “know” what they need, and that is what is allowed in through the gates. This does not mean that only what is harmonious or even compatible is let in. It does not mean that life has only one, or only a few, key ideas or traits it wishes to manifest at any given time. It does mean that the year 1946 needed certain kinds of energies, certain combinations of forces, certain potentials, because of what had gone on previously. And so does any other year, for the same reason.

Thus, to use you as an example, since you are driving the pen:

  • Monastic or let’s say theologically oriented individuals such as Bertrand, on the one hand, and Joseph the Egyptian on the other, as well as similar energies associated but not necessarily separately embodied.
  • Strongly American individuals: the pioneer woman; Smallwood; John Cotton. A strong instinctive connection with your historical environment, you see, and through it to those such as Kennedy and Lincoln, etc.
  • Psychic explorers such as David Poynter, or the Roman boy you call Clio.

All these strands together make up an individual very different from individuals who may contain any one or two of these strands but in combination with others.

In saying “strands” here, you are introducing confusion.

No, we are merely making existing confusion plain. It is our own inconsistent use of the word that has caused the confusion. Let’s try to remove it.

We have used the word “strands” sometimes to mean:

  • Specific traits, such as “an artistic disposition.”
  • An ex-3D individual as a unit, as in “Joseph the Egyptian is one of your strands.”
  • Composites of tendencies, as now, in saying “strongly American individuals.”

And I get that you have no intention of confining future use to any one meaning.

No, because if we were to do so, we would only have to then invent other terms for the other two meanings, thus artificially separating what is in fact one thing.

I am surprised to see that at the end of our time we have produced seven pages. It felt like far less; it feels like we have been slogging, here.

Perhaps that is because to express a simple concept – which we really have not yet succeeded in doing – we were working harder than usual and accomplishing less. However, you never know.

One more try, to see if this hour has clarified things for us, so that we may clarify for others?

The particular combination of traits (in all aspects of the word) that is you, fits into the world – into its given time-space – and would not fit equally well elsewhen, or you would have been born elsewhen. After this life is over, you are available as feedstock but you will not manifest in just the same way, any more than the times will manifest in just the same way. The times will have moved on; so will you.

So how do we continue next session?

We will start right here, with the shift of emphasis from “the times” to “you as present 3D individual and future strand.”

If you say so. All right, see you then, and meanwhile our thanks, as always.


3 thoughts on “TGU – Our situation (part 3)

  1. >> The particular combination of traits (in all aspects of the word) that is you, fits into the world – into its given time-space – and would not fit equally well elsewhen,

    It does not just “fit.” It IS the world at that moment. It could not be otherwise. It is All-That-Is expressing itself into this and as this and through this. And it already and always exists/existed.

  2. As a side: consider also that a given choice-tree (you called it a probability cloud, but it is really an ordered tree) can be traversed by different soul-configurations. Not only are there variants of a particular life, but also variant configurations inserted into that life tree. Each “run” yielding a completely different life experience.

  3. I have some curiosity about you, Just a dude. I don’t usually comment on this blog, but usually I will read how others respond. It seems that you make very absolute statements reflecting your opinions and it piqued my interest. I would like to know how you have come to be so sure, what courses have you taken or taught, what books have you read or written, how do you “know”, what process do you use to gather information?
    Just to be clear, I am not challenging or looking for an argument; I’m looking for what path can lead to such surety.

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