Sex and our lives

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

7 a.m. Okay, guys, I’m ready if you are, for however long my energy lasts. Advice? Commentary?

Your earlier instinct was correct: Your medical condition will take a certain amount of time and attention from here on in, so use your energy and attention – and intent – wisely.

Wrapping things up.

Not the way that sounds, but let’s say tying off loose ends while it is relatively easy to do, rather than allowing them to get harder to take care of because of neglect.

Are we finished – you and I – bringing in new material?

That depends entirely upon which road you choose to follow. It isn’t like anything is set in stone. What is set in stone is, You Choose. It is that way for you and for everybody, and it doesn’t change just because you think you’re finished or because you want to be finished or because you insist on continuing. You are in 3D to choose, as we may have mentioned once or twice, and second-tier choice [how we choose to react to what has happened to us] remains available on your deathbed. Indeed, one could almost say that for some people, that is a reason (not the reason, but a reason) for a prolonged deathbed process, to allow time for a final choice of attitudes toward the life one has led, the values one has affirmed or denied or waffled on or betrayed.

Nice reminder that it isn’t our external actions but finally our internal choices that matter.

It isn’t an either/or, but yes.

I loved our last series on emotion and feeling and had the sense that it didn’t come to a natural end, but just stopped. Can we resume?

Perhaps we should resume not so much by making statements as by positing questions and suggesting to your readers that they consult their guidance on the subject.

Sounds like a good idea, winnowing away from me and my limited stock of energy and moving them more into position as co-contributors.

Yes. A necessary step in any case, unless your and our work together over three decades is to be merely a monument to a collaboration rather than a doorway to greater life.

I hesitated between “life” and “consciousness.”

Either will do. Very well, let us pose a question which will require minimal energy from you (that is, merely the transcription) and may lead those who address it very far, if they will only trust their process. Be warned, though, it will take unprecedented layers of vulnerability and honesty. But then, that is part of the price of admission.


In considering your lives as 3D beings who are also in non-3D and who are also intimately connected to other 3D lives through connections known, unknown, suspected, dimly felt in distorted or less distorted form –

Consider everything we discussed about reason v feelings in terms of one supremely insistent factor in your lives: sex.

I take it you aren’t expecting or asking for personal revelations.

Not vis a vis each other, no, but some straight thinking will bring you far. Sex is the deepest, most mysterious fact of life, and the vast majority of your thought, feeling, obsession, curiosity, compulsion around the subject is necessarily kept secret not only from each other but from yourselves. Unlock this dangerous room and you will open to a dragon and a treasure.

So the question is: What light does sex shed on your lives as 3D creatures choosing what you will be? This is throwing you into the deep end of the pool, but if you have been following these discussions, it must be important to you. Get off the bleacher seats now, and get into the pool, or miss a major opportunity. There is a reason why heroes and heroines brave dragons to seek treasure. To coin a phrase, there is no royal road to transcendence.

Enough for the moment, perhaps for quite a while.


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