The Interface: Personally and not personally at all

I would prefer not to make a public display of my own difficulties, but they seem to shed light on what we all go through in one way or another. Me to the guys, after a hard night:

We’re going to have to come to some sort of agreement. Here it is coming on 9 a.m., and we haven’t done a session and I am on the tail end of a bad night. I shouldn’t have to fight to get enough sleep when I’m perfectly willing to do the work. I don’t need to be kicked into it, and I won’t be. It is one thing when the work actually helped me get through the night; it is entirely different when I get the sense that it is in order to get me to do the work that I can’t first get the necessary rest and sleep. Or is that merely my misinterpreting what happened?

To be clear: We don’t approve of forcing anyone to do anything, and that is not what we have been doing.

Well, I didn’t think so – but then, what is the mechanism at work here?

You do realize, you are attempting the same bargain in reverse? “If you won’t let me be healthy, I won’t work,” amounts to, “I will work, but only if you let me have what I want.”

I don’t know .It didn’t feel like a tantrum. I was so tired, so unfocused, I couldn’t even read with clarity, let alone communicate. So why couldn’t I sleep or even rest?

Your thinking wasn’t – and isn’t – clear. Why would we want you to try to do the work when you couldn’t, when you do it so gladly and well when you can?

That’s what I was feeling: Why put me through all this?

Perhaps you should have considered: Maybe something else is going on. Maybe what you were assuming isn’t true.

Yes, I can see that as you say it. and that “something else” is going to be unknown as usual, I take it.

Do you want to know?

I do, if it’s something I can do something about. Or even if I can’t, for that matter.

Cosmic weather. The interaction of 3D-you – which includes your body’s composition, of course – and the “external” world at a given moment, with its particular characteristics.

And you have said that our bodies may be experienced as part of that other.

Well, don’t you? When you are ill and your body won’t do what you want or need, doesn’t it express to you as part of the “external” world?

It certainly does.

Well – it’s not just you. That’s true of anyone.

So, nothing to be done about it?

Well, one thing to be done – it is sort of a developed knack – is to not take it personally and at the same time take it very personally.

I get that that means, Don’t take it as being aimed at you, but take it as being very specific to you.

Exactly. Well phrased. Now broaden the concept

  • Overall-you, expressing in 3D terms, comes to a given moment.
  • That moment amounts to a collision (or anyway a coinciding) od 3D-you’s situation and the “external” situation as it applies to 3D-you.
  • 3D-you experiences that moment as conflict or confluence or both, and the next moment follows. It is the first-tier experience, that coming together of the 3D and its moment. The second-tier experience is how the 3D-you reacts to it.

Yes, I get it. That moment didn’t come along to “teach him a lesson,” so to speak. It came out of the nature of the moment. One’s reaction to the qualities of that moment is what produced the first-tier experience, and thus (unpredictably, because this is the free-will aspect of it) the second-tier reaction.

So, take it personally, and not personally at all.

One thought on “The Interface: Personally and not personally at all

  1. Thanks for sharing your personal troubles. It helped me because I am going through the same issue (of not being able to sleep due to my own physical issues) and asking the same question to my own “TGUs”.

    The answer I got was along the lines of “there are other “you”s that is associated to your experiences that you are not aware of. There is no separation and how you experience your wholeness is your particular expression of that wholeness affecting every aspect of the whole you”. This sounds very similar to me with what TGU said about the “cosmic forces” and “external” events.

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