The Interface: The junction with the external world

You want to say more about the junction of 3D and external.

We do. You opened up very productive ground there. If people would get the idea and think about it, they would find the answer, or an answer, anyway, to many questions that have puzzled philosophers. The answer is to be found in the particular, the specific, not in an abstraction.

The key being the 3D-you’s interaction with the “external” world in any given moment.

That, in association with the three-tier concept, yes. Many a seeming contradiction between free will and predestination, for instance, is to be resolved by recognizing that either position is merely a seeing from one viewpoint only, rather than from both. The first-tier experience may be said to be predestined; the second-tier is clearly free-will. Or is it “clearly”?

It is to me, but I suspect others may think that our decisions, too, are predestined from what has happened before.

So that when you change your mind, or have a life-altering realization, it is only because it was inevitable? As usual, we ask, “Does your life feel that way?” And we know that for you, at least, it does not. However, some may need to see things that way.

Now, if you will examine the basics of astrology, you will see that a horoscope amounts to a weather report, and a progression amounts to a forecast of coming conditions. Surely you can see that someone with a lifelong illness or condition (mental or physical) may be seen to be under the influence of the slower-moving outer planets, so that the correspondences last, perhaps, an entire lifetime, or decades, or perhaps “only” a term of years, though it may seem long enough. If you will remember that everything is alive and has its own form of consciousness, the idea of planets and stars having an effect on “external” conditions may come to seem no more fanciful than, say, our statement that it is the geology of a place that provides it its stability.

The planets aren’t just “dead matter,” in other words, and their interaction with our lives isn’t just a fanciful or superstitious idea.

No. But look a little closer. The astrological influences are twofold in effect. They shape the “external” world’s weather conditions and they also shape the weather experienced by 3D-you as internal. That’s why the mantic arts can be useful at all, you see: They connect inner and outer.

As do we ourselves.

Yes, very good. Each 3D individual mind is, in effect, a tarot spread, or a casting of runes, or a reading of the stars.

If we are the reading, who is it reading us? Our larger being that we are a part of?

Let’s leave the question in abeyance. It is a good question, all the better for having been asked; let’s leave it out there.

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