Connective or spiritual

Connective or spiritual

Sunday, March 22, 2020

3:30 a.m. Gentlemen, yesterday you got my attention in describing our constituent parts as physical, mental, emotional and “connective or spiritual.” I didn’t want to interrupt your flow, and sensed you didn’t want it interrupted, but I made a note to ask you to say more. I got the sense that this might become a theme in itself, how what people call spiritual could be described as connective.

We plead guilty to trolling that word in front of you, hoping you would find it of interest. At least, that’s one way to see it. Yes, connective or spiritual. That is, connecting to your non-3D component, rather than thinking of it as interacting with another realm.

I knew right away this was an extension of your very effective strategy of reknitting the two aspects of the world. Rather than physical and spiritual, or human and divine, you sat 3D and non-3D, emphasizing connection over differentiation.

Of course. We produced an entire book with you on the theme: It’s all one world.

However, I have to wonder what else is to be said on the subject.

For those who have absorbed the idea, no more is needed. For those resistant to it, no more is likely to help. Only those who have not remembered may find this reminder of assistance. You are currently very much aware of it mostly because of your extensive on-going review.

Yes. All right, I thought this might be a full session but I see it isn’t necessary. Just reminding people that our non-3D nature is an inherent part of us, and not something extraneous, may be all you wanted us to do, I suppose.

Let’s stress the matter-of-factness of it. That’s the point. It isn’t like some people are “spiritual” and others aren’t. It’s that some are more aware and others are less aware of the level of connection.

Okay, well I guess I’ll go back to working on summarizing what we’ve brought forth these past 14 years. Or maybe I’ll watch some more Star Trek: Enterprise, which I am enjoying immensely.

Don’t neglect to enjoy this hiatus. Those of you who lead solitary lives will find it less of a change than those who don’t, but it is easy for you to underrate how your own unchanged routines will be changed by the changes around you.

I think you mean, an unchanged routine in changed circumstances is thereby changed whether or not we recognize it.

Certainly. It is a time for the solitary and the contemplative and the particularly well connected and the well integrated to make their unnoticed contributions. Like the monks in their obscure isolation as the Roman Empire decayed around them, or like people doing yoga in a materialist society, or like people praying during wars – there are innumerable variations on the theme – anyone nurturing their particular connective nature thereby strengthens their neighbors’, as well, and, remember, everybody is your neighbor.

Okay. It’s nice to have a global emergency that doesn’t involve a society as the perceived enemy. I prefer earthquakes to wars, when it comes to catastrophe.

You aren’t the only one.

No, never thought I was. Okay, unless you have more, thanks as always.

And our thanks to all who remember to connect.

Till next time, then.


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  1. Been reading The Magical Battle of Britain by Dion Fortune. Very useful ideas. As a read, it is somewhat heavy going, but experimenting with the meditations is quite fruitful. Yet one more way of re-membering the connectivity. I notice I need to put in real use all methods I have gathered so far.

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