The mineral kingdom around us

Monday, April 23, 2012

10:15 AM. So. If I can communicate with the mineral kingdom directly, I would want to ask what it can do for humans, and what humans can do for it. However, I realize that this may not be the right thing to ask.

Think electrically. Envision yourself as walking in a world of invisible influences. You walk atop the earth, and to the surface seems solid; your body seems to be one definite thing in a definite area, and the surrounding world another thing, or many things, occupying different areas, constituting different spaces.

This is true visually – that is, according to the human scale of visible reality. In a tactile sense, the world can be felt to be separate and therefore unconnected.

However, of your own experience you know that the invisible aspects of the world connect what to the visible aspects appears separate. Electromagnetic influences seem to link bodies otherwise separated by space and by skin. An example is the 10-foot sphere of influence around the heart, which you have read about. You are fond of saying that two people within 10 feet of each other are not two things but, to some degree, one, yet you have a hard time experiencing this as real rather than a theoretical construct. You assent to it intellectually but you can’t usually feel it emotionally.

Extend this now to the world you live in, in another more concrete sense. Unfortunate coincidence of words there, that will be seen as a pun, but concreteness is the quality we mean. It is not a ethereal influence like your guys upstairs. Still less is it an abstract concept.

The world around you radiates its qualities every moment. But this simple statement will require quite a bit of explication. Perhaps best, a series of examples.

  • A walk in the woods is a different experience than a walk on the seashore, or a walk in an open field. These influences – totally regardless of human interaction with the environment by modification, that is, disregarding any thought of building or excavation or shaping – the inherent influences of the landscape are strong, noticeable, and operate whether noticed or not. Humans tend to think the difference in them is a matter of “mood” (as though that word was understood in any sense) but we would say one part of a system is feeling the difference in another part.
  • A second example. A walk in a field is different from a walk on a road surface. Both are different from a walk on a city street, and all three from steps down a corridor in a skyscraper. This is not nature mysticism, and don’t think it is. There is a very different energy in each of these cases, and we are not finding one “better” than another. We suggest, neither should you. However, equally valuable or equally real does not mean identical! It should not be necessary to point this out.
  • A third example. A cave has a different “feel” to it than a cabin or a steamship cabin or an airplane cabin or a cabin cruiser. An enclosed space is different depending not only on what is enclosed, but on what encloses it!
  • Finally, radioactivity is different if in small quantities, concentrated quantities or enhanced and mediated form. This is obvious. Less obvious – and the point of this initial statement – is that everything radiates. Carbon steel radiates. Granite radiates. Mollusks radiate. You radiate. Everything radiates – but not everything that radiates registers on Geiger counters.

If we have raised an image of you living among invisible but felt influences, this is a good starting point. You will find that the process may go more slowly at first than you have become used to, and is more tiring. Practice, practice. And our thanks for this beginning.

My thanks for your willingness to communicate with us. I only hope I am up to the job.




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